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3D camera series: Ensenso X available with 5 MP resolution cameras and updated SDK

17 April 2018
The application fields of Ensenso X range from robotic parts handling in factory automation (e.g. bin picking) to pallet commissioning in warehouse and logistics automation. The 3D camera system is now even more flexible and powerful thanks to new the latest developments: both new 5 MP cameras featuring the IMX264 CMOS Sony sensor and an updated software development kit are now available.
The 5 MP sensors offered by camera manufacturer IDS allow for an expanded field of view, higher resolution and lower noise levels. Thanks to the larger field of view of the sensors, for example, the distance between the camera system and object can be reduced: In order to completely capture a packed Euro pallet with a volume of 120 x 80 x 100 cm, a distance of only 1.25 m instead of 1.5 m is required. The Z-accuracy improves from 0.43 mm to 0.2 mm. Further advantages of the new models include an increase of up to 35% in lateral resolution with more than 30% lower noise, so that details and depth information can be captured even more precisely. With the new Ensenso X models users can choose between compact GigE uEye CP cameras and robust GigE uEye FA cameras with IP65/67 protection class – in just the way that is possible with the 1.3 MP systems.
Ensenso X also offers useful software innovations. Up until now, 3D data couild only be processed using a CPU. Using the new EnsensoSDK 2.2, Stereo matching can now be supported by the Nvidia CUDA graphics card, which speeds up the process by about five times. This feature and other functions of the software development kit can be used with all cameras of the Ensenso N and X series. The new EnsensoSDK 2.2 is now available for download.

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