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Bonding Solutions with Eurobond Adhesives

14 March 2019

Eurobond Adhesives Ltd was established since 1984 and over the last 35 years  have built an enviable reputation for supplying high performance bonding solutions. Our expertise encompasses many different industry sectors including the manufacture of medical devices, lens bonding, commercial signage, automotive and transportation, defence, electronics, sheet metal and plastic fabrication, audio, visual and communications devices, engineering, white goods manufacture and so much more.

Working in partnership with designers and manufacturing/production teams, our technical experts will work with you to evaluate your specific project, recommend a suitable adhesive solution,  review your production process and help to improve it, train your workforce in the safe use of our adhesive products and hopefully save you time and money in doing so. In addition, Eurobond Adhesives are the sole UK distributor of Wagner (Reinhardt-Technik), one and two component metering, mixing and dispensing systems. These dispensing systems are designed to process and dispense one and two component silicone, polyurethane, polysulphide and other adhesive/sealant materials. Typical application examples include the use of adhesives in automotive applications, structural glazing, white goods, marine and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) products.

We are specialist suppliers of structural adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, UV light curing adhesives, specialist medical device adhesives, structural adhesive tapes, surface cleaning and preparation products.

Our range of products includes:

Penloc® Structural Adhesives This is a world class range of, fast curing, two component structural adhesives. Penloc® 1:1 is a high performance multi-substrate bonding adhesive, designed to bond most metals, modern composites, carbon fibre, GRP, glass, most plastics, concrete, stone, Corian and many other materials. It can tolerate extreme temperatures from -55°C to +125°C and usual weathering conditions. It demonstrates excellent resistance to impact, vibration and thermal shock.  Penloc® HP is designed for metal applications that require powder coating after bonding. It has all the characteristics of our standard grade Penloc®, but will tolerate up to 180°C for short periods.

Penloc® 1-1R is a unique non-odour structural adhesive, ideally suited to poorly ventilated work areas or indeed for site-work where the use of odorous materials may be prohibitive. Penloc® VT Plus is a thick and longer cure time structural adhesive that will cure to a handling strength in approx. 30 minutes. It is non-sag, has excellent gap fill capabilities and is resistant to salt water.

Eurobond offer a range of one and 2-part MS Polymer hybrid adhesives which are moisture and chemical curing, flexible, food safe, fire resistant and very strong. They are ideally suited for applications such as the construction of caravans, modular buildings, motorhomes and boat, or for general fabrication or construction. They are resistant to UV and salt water, with a fast initial grab and through cure.

Vitralit® - is a range of UV and visible light curing adhesives suitable for bonding glass, plastics and some metals. Vitralit 6128, Vitralit 7561 or VBB1 can be used to bond numerous glass applications. Medical devices can be manufactured with Vitralit® 7041, Vitralit® 7989, Vitralit® 4050, Vitralit® 1702 or Vitralit® 4731 , for optical lens bonding, splicing or bonding fibre optic filaments or bundles Vitralit® UC1618 or Vitralit® 1517. Vitralit® products can also be used to manufacture display cases, furniture, machine guards and much more. It can also be used as a dry to touch conformal coating or potting compound for electronic applications.

Elecolit® is a range of electrically conductive adhesives. Elecolit® 3653 is a single component, flexible conductive adhesive that thermally cures at relatively low temperatures in a short period of time. Elecolit 325 is a 2-component conductive epoxy paste that will cure at room temperature or will cure quickly at elevated temperatures. It has excellent gap fill properties. Elecolit 414 is a silver loaded conductive coating that hardens into a flexible chemical resistant film.

Adhesive Tapes

Our high strength range of Eurobond foamed acrylic adhesive tapes offer  designers enormous flexibility in the design and concept of a product. Tapes give a uniform and even bond line, are easy and quick to use with little or no health and safety implications. They offer instant adhesion and can be supplied either on roll lengths of different widths and thicknesses or as bespoke die cut shapes that are specific to your individual product designs.

Our range of tape is available in a number of different colours including transparent and will give the user ultimate strength and durability to a wide variety of metals, plastics, glass, composites and ceramics. MultiSeal® EB is our range of closed nano-cell formula which acts as a seal preventing moisture, dust and air ingress. MultiSeal®  EB has differential adhesive properties allowing for  bonded parts to be disassembled for repair or inspection without leaving any residue on the substrate surface.

For expert advice on your application call our technical team on 01795 427888.

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