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Building a restaurant garden

Published: 8 January 2019 - Sarah Mead

It is said that one eats not only with its mouth, but also with his eyes. Starting a restaurant can be a combination both a complicated and wonderful adventure. With a restaurant garden, you will be able to combine the culinary experience of a restaurant with the visual beauty of a garden, guaranteeing a beautiful experience to your future customers.

If you start the entire business from scratch, you shall execute all the different steps to start your new venture: study the market, elaborate the concept, conduct a market study, choose a site, write a business plan, etc.

There are many sites that could be a perfect fit to build a restaurant garden, and if you have enough space, landscaping possibilities are countless. Once you have your heart set on a site, you can arouse your creativity by drawing the plans of your future restaurant garden. Map out your restaurant garden's design on graph paper: fountains, plants, trees, pools, streams, lawn, furniture, etc. Consider that you want to build a durable garden that is also easy to maintain. All the details (practical and aesthetic) most have been tough of. Indeed, once your restaurant is open, it will be difficult to conduct further construction work since you would have to close the place or, as it might bother your clientele (which obviously is not good for business).

Consider the type of cuisine you are serving and how this can match with the general atmosphere of the   garden,   in   order   to   offer   a   very   unique   and   original   experience   for   your customers.

Once the plans are ready, check with your city's building codes before beginning the construction. It is important  to  make  sure  there  is  no  restriction  in  regards  to  the  project  you  have  designed.   In the process don't hesitate to hire an architect, who can help you in drawing the plans, give new and original ideas and point potential issues in the initial design.

You might also contemplate the idea of hiring a contractor to execute the structural work. Indeed, some of your design ideas might demand heavy and specific machinery such as hole diggers or a mini shovel.

Consider the seasons

Restaurant garden are beautiful environments but, if it's open to public, what happens in winter when temperatures go down? Do you think the customers will enjoy their meal if they are freezing? You need to think of furniture, such as outdoor fire pits, that will permit your customers to enjoy their meal in good conditions but also add a very stylish touch to the general atmosphere.

Same goes in summer when it gets really hot or when it is raining. Overall, you need to consider climate change and you customers' comfort. Eventually, you might want to create different atmospheres matching seasons throughout the year.

Create an original concept

The restaurant industry is a wide world, yet very competitive in which one has to innovate to attract customers. If you are looking for ideas, don't hesitate to dissect the web that is brimming with new and original concepts. For instance, the Restaurant and Bar designs awards website or Pinterest can provide you with great ideas to find the inspiration.


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