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Compact DC motor drives for any application!

11 September 2018
The EM-241 drive has been designed for the control of low voltage (12-48Vdc) brushed DC motors or actuators where fine control is required.
In a compact 42 x 72 x 25mm package, it can provide up to 15A of continuous current.  DIN rail kits are available for mounting inside a control panel.
With up to 20 settable parameters via the EM-236 plug in module or EM-268 USB connection with Emen-tool PC software, it is a cost effective solution for many applications.
For high volume projects the drive can be modified to exact customer requirements.
Control is given through PNP or NPN switching with 0-5V analogue control for speed setting.
The SPF (digital) and SAF (analogue) can be used for positioning applications when a digital hall sensor, encoder or an analogue potentiometer are used for reference and feedback.
Standard functions include:
  • Four quadrant – speed, direction, acceleration and brake control
  • Adjustable current limit – for motor protection against overload and over torque
  • Fault output & on board LED – to identify fault conditions
  • Auto reverse – for anti-trap upon over current detection
  • End of travel detection – end limit switch inputs or settable pulse counts (PLI version)

Industry Connections: OEM Automatic Ltd

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