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Compact Proportional Solenoid Valves Just Got Even Smaller

26 June 2019

Hot on the heels of its recent launch of the VPRM range of innovative compact proportional solenoid valves for pneumatics, Magnet Schultz Ltd, the UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid subassemblies, has developed a new member of the family that reduces the form factor to an impressive 7mm diameter. The new VPKM-007 is ideal for miniature air and gas flow regulation applications.

Despite more than halving the diameter size of the new value over its nearest sibling (the 16mm diameter VPRM-016), the VPKM-007 delivers similarly large performance, including high linearity for effective proportional control and low hysteresis for highly responsive operation, and a higher static pressure tolerance in its armature space of up to 40 bar.

Like its 16mm and 20mm siblings, the VPKM-007 addresses precision proportional air and gas control requirement across multiple market sectors but offers a physical advantage for equipment designers and installers in space-compromised small and miniaturised applications. These typically include air volume control, dosing of inert gases, gas regulation in vehicles, gas and oxygen mixing in respirators and medical equipment, flow control in fuel cells for energy generation, to name a few.

The new 7mm diameter VPKM delivers the advantage of fully proportional, direct-acting gas flow control, which contrasts with on/off valves typically deployed in these types of application. The unit is available in pressure supported open, closed and pressure balanced configuration. Nominal rated flow is 7 litres per minute. Switching service life is 50 million cycles. VPKM-007 operates from a 24V DC supply, with electrical connections via solder pins.


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