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Güdel Gearboxes Drive Precision Cutting Systems for Blackman & White

26 April 2018

Gearboxes are an essential element in the drive-train of many different types of production equipment. It goes without saying therefore that the precision, performance and reliability of machines and systems can only be maintained if the power transmission components are themselves of the highest quality.

Essex based Blackman and White designs and builds specialist cutting machines for customers across the globe. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, the quality and reliability of the company’s comprehensive product range is at the heart of the ongoing success of this family owned business.

Although just one component in the company’s cutting machines, the performance and reliability delivered by Gu¨del‘s high performance gearboxes plays an important part in helping to maintain this excellent reputation.

Founded in 1964 by engineers Les White and Jack Blackman, Essex based Blackman & White remains a family-owned company. With sailing a predominant sport in the local area, the company’s roots were in sail making and the maritime industry. The company has diversified over the last 5 decades, and the cutting machines manufactured by the company are now used in industries as varied as aerospace and fashion.  Blackman & White cutting machines are available with rotary blades, fixed blades and also the latest laser technology, offering solutions for cutting a wide range of materials as diverse as PVC and Kevlar.

Swiss based Güdel, also a family business and now in its 3rd generation, supplies the gearboxes that are at the heart of Blackman & White’s cutting machines. Güdel is a name widely recognised across many manufacturing sectors, and often associated with the company’s range of Gantry Robot systems and modules. Every Güdel Gantry Robot however, is built upon the company’s own in-house manufactured range of precision components, which includes an impressive range of angle and planetary gearboxes.

Integrating this range of gearboxes allows Blackman & White to build Güdel’s reputation for quality and reliability right into the heart of their own machines. Blackman & White commented: “Since moving to Güdel gearboxes, and away from belts and pulleys, the accuracy and reliability has improved our products significantly.”

Another important factor for Blackman & White, is the fact that Güdel has an extensive international reach, in over 30 locations around the world, allowing easy access to support if required.

Güdel’s portfolio of high-performance angle gearboxes covers five different sizes. Named to correspond to the centre distance (in mm) between the input and output shafts: 030, 045, 060, 090, and 120, they offer an extremely broad choice of gear ratios – thirteen in total, ranging from 2 to 60. This enables users and machine builders to easily cover the most common application areas.

This range of high-performance angle gearboxes is ideally suited to harsh working environments, and the cooling fins on the body castings guarantee optimum heat dissipation, even at high duty cycles.


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Mr William Bourn
Sales Manager
Güdel Lineartec (UK) Limited
Unit 5 Wickmans Drive
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Tel:        +44(0)24 76 695 444


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