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Thomson electro-hydraulic linear actuators optimise force density and shock resistance

Thomson Industries, a leading manufacturer of linear motion solutions, has introduced an electro-hydraulic actuator that has the strength of hydraulic cylinders but without their complex external ... more

Specify actuators quickly and easily with new online configuration tool

A new online application configuration tool, which allows engineers to specify their required actuator easily and quickly, has been launched by IMI Precision Engineering. The new configurator, ... more

What are the drylin SHT options for extreme environments?

In a new video, igus presents some of the available options for the drylin SHT stainless steel leadscrew module. Made of 304 grade stainless steel, also known as V2A, the drylin SHT-SS is ideal for ... more

Compact toothed belt axis launched

New from igus is drylin ZLN-40, a compact toothed belt axis based on its flat drylin N linear system. Measuring 27mm high and 40mm wide, it can be delivered with a stroke length of up to 750mm... more

Actuators with built-in wireless sensors help improve machine productivity

Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion Technologies, has redesigned its high performance CASM-100 and LEMC actuators with built-in wireless sensors that can detect force and temperature. According to the ... more

Self-synchronising actuators help work-platform builder maintain footing in demanding industrial markets

When final assembly of larger-than-human-scale products requires a human touch, industrial equipment manufacturers deploy a variety of industrial work platform solutions to enable access to the ... more

Nexen ring drive for precision rotary motion control in measuring system

Compact ring drive systems from Nexen are used in industrial rotary applications where high positional accuracy and dynamic performance are required. The custom rotary indexer CRD350 was developed ... more

Electric press brakes benefit from ball screw range

NSK ball screws from the advanced HTF (High Tough) series are helping press brake manufacturers switch from conventional hydraulic drives, to electric drive systems, which offer a number of notable ... more

Linear motion systems and automation components meet the needs of equipment designers

Linear motion components from HepcoMotion, the Devon based manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components, are being specified by designers and OEMs for a huge variety of equipment ... more

New Thomson video spotlights customer’s use of electric linear actuators’ synchronisation option

Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has released a video showing how the synchronisation feature available with its Electrak HD electromechanical ... more

New kits from Ewellix transform the capabilities of industrial robots

A new series of linear motion modules from Ewellix has been launched to transform the capabilities of industrial robots, extending their reach and footprint.

Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion ... more

Linear solution helps create a work of art

An art display at the Tate Modern in London is relying on a linear transmission and positioning system supplied by HepcoMotion. ‘Fearful Symmetry’ by Ruairi Glynn features an illuminated tetrahedron ... more

Linear and rotary modules combine to challenge traditional robots

R. A. Rodriguez has introduced a range of IEF Werner rotaryARM swivel arm modules which, the company claims, are designed to work in combination with its linear motion modules to create fast and cost ... more

Improving back therapy with motion control technology

Motion control technology from ERIKS has been incorporated into a new physical therapy device for treating back pain. This is precisely programmed to provide the correct seating position and ... more

Digital servo drives for the highest motion control demands

New to Inmoco’s Elmo Drum line of digital servo drives is Gold Drum HV, a 100A/800V, high-power, super compact, direct-to-mains drive, designed for the highest level of motion control application ... more

Servomotors help cut machine build costs

With NUM’s new brushless servomotor ranges for CNC machinery applications, machine builders can now use a single drive-to-motor cable for each motion axis. This reduces cabling, speeds installation/... more

New motion control solution launched

STÖBER has introduced a motion control solution based on the universal programming and controlling software, CODESYS V3, in time for SPS 2012. The new equipment generation 6 features the motion ... more

Exploring the evolution of aircraft materials

Raymond Pace, worldwide marketing director for Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Process Systems Business Unit, looks into the materials used in the development of the new generation of lightweight, ... more

Linear motion range extends application opportunities

HepcoMotion has added to the range of products available for its PRT2 Precision Ring Track system, extending the choice for applications where high downward or offset loads are anticipated... more

Precise and compact gear range

Many applications require high torque, yet have limited space – such as robotics, rotary tables and machine tools. In addition, fast and precise positioning movements have to be carried out with high ... more

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