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Permabond 2K Primer – for maximum adhesive performance and long term durability of bonded components

24 May 2019

Unsure of whether enough surface preparation has been done? Want to improve bond strength and long term durability of your bonded components without having to change the adhesive you’re using? Permabond 2K primer is ideal for preparing substrates for bonding, providing a clear visual indication of whether the surface is wetting out properly or if additional surface preparation is needed, and it contains an adhesion promotor to increase bond strength.  It is ideal for preparing metal, glass, plastic, and composites for bonding.  When bonding metal, it offers the added advantage of protecting against corrosion which increases the long term durability of the bond.

To prepare surfaces for bonding:

·         Degrease and lightly abrade bond areas.

·         Degrease again to remove dust.

·         Combine contents of both bottles (A&B) into the spray bottle.

·         Attach the sprayer and shake well.

·         Spray the bond area with a thin layer of primer.

·         Compare the wetting – if the primer beads up as shown on the right, more surface preparation is needed.

On the left, the primer wets out the surface leaving a uniform coating indicating that the surface is ready for bonding.  The surface to the right shows the 2K primer beading up, which indicates that further surface preparation is required.

·         If wetting is good, remove excess with a clean, dry cloth or tissue. Allow to dry before bonding.

If wetting is poor abrade again, in the presence of the primer, wipe clean and re-apply the primer to check that wetting has improved sufficiently. Remove excess with a clean, dry cloth or tissue and allow to dry before bonding.

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