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Reusable industrial wipes from MEWA now available online

The world’s leading reusable industrial wipes are now available online at in the company’s first e-commerce store.

MEWA, the global leader in textile management, has launched a ... more

Curved metal fabrications a benefit for towed agricultural equipment

Towed agricultural equipment has a hard-working life. Shocks and loads are typical mechanical stresses associated with all aspects of farming, from ploughing to harvesting. Trailers, rollers, ploughs,... more

Standard and waterproof snap action switches for a wide range of applications: Herga Technology increases switching product range with basic and sealed microswitches

Herga Technology, the UK footswitch, hand controls and sensing component designer and manufacturer has expanded its product portfolio with a wide range of basic and sealed snap-action microswitches ... more

No battery, no wires - Bluetooth Low Energy Reference Design Introduced by ZF

ZF has introduced a reference design for an Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch in a partnership with ON Semiconductor. The design combines ZF’s energy harvesting generator with the ... more

Pervasive Displays expands its popular range of red tri-color e-paper displays with two new sizes

Pervasive Displays (PDi), a world leader in e-paper displays (EPDs), today announces the strengthening of its red tri-color EPD line-up with the launch of two new sizes of display. The 3.7-inch and ... more

Using Acrow Props in building projects

Industrial grade Intel NUC format rugged system

Acrow Props, also referred to as jack posts or shoring posts, are designed to give construction teams the ability to safely support heavy overhead loads during the course of a building project. As ... more
BVM Limited has announced availability of the Jetway JBC311U93 industrial grade NUC format embedded system. Based on the Intel Celeron 7.5W TDP Bay-Trail M Quad-Core SOC processor clocked at 1.83 to ... more

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon Increases Accuracy, Reduces Operating Time Using VSP Orthognathics

VSP Orthognathics for double-jaw surgery enables streamlined transfer of a pre-surgical plan to the operating room with patient-specific splints.

VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning) Orthognathics ... more

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