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Techsil launch new, flexible, light curing adhesive for PEEK and other hard to bond plastics

17 April 2018

Many plastics are difficult to bond due to their low surface energy one particular example are PEEK™ (Polyetheretherketone) thermoplastics. PEEK™ polymer is usually used instead of machined metals in many industrial applications such as components for cars, aircraft, industrial pumps, valves and seals, to electrical components, connectors and sterilisable surgical instruments. A new light curing adhesive called Vitralit® UV 4802 has been developed by manufacturers, Panacol, for the purpose of bonding high temperature resistant thermoplastics such as PEEK with other non-compatible materials.  Vitralit® UV 4802 is being launched in the UK by Techsil, Panacol’s authorised distributor.

Vitralit® UV 4802 is a light curing adhesive based on acrylate resin, which features excellent adhesion to many plastics such as PEEK, PEN and TPU, which are typically hard to bond with conventional adhesives. This adhesive also adheres very well to ceramics and glass. Vitralit® UV 4802 is highly resistant to heat: tests have shown that the adhesive keeps its soft and flexible characteristics even after being exposed to temperatures of 150°C for seven days. Thanks to its high flexibility the adhesive is perfectly suited for bonding thin and bendable materials.


Vitralit® UV 4802 is pink in colour and cures within seconds under a UV or visible light source. Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs like the LED SPOT 100 from UV equipment specialists, Hoenle are suitable for curing. Once cured, the adhesive fluoresces which enables inspection of the bond line under black light.


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