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ATC Semitec signs a distribution agreement with Heraeus Nexensos Platinum Sensors

Published: 31 January 2020 - ATC Semitec

ATC Semitec, the UK’s leading distributor of temperature sensors, has announced that the Heraeus Nexensos’ range of platinum sensors has joined their line -up of precision thermal components.Heraeus are the worldwide market and technology leaders in platinum thin film technology.

Robin Savin ATC Semitec’s MD commented ‘We are delighted to include the range of Heraeus platinum sensors within our portfolio. It is a perfect fit which complements our current range. 

With our involvement across many different industries we see an increased demand for sensors at temperatures of 500°C and above. This being particularly relevant in the industrial probe sensor, automotive and 3D printing markets.

Thin film platinum RTD elements are now extremely cost effective compared with other RTD sensing technologies, and due to their key characteristics of high precision, stability, repeatability and interchangeability, we see opportunities for even greater use within the UK and Irish markets.’  

The Heraeus range of products joins an already impressive line-up of innovative products from Semitec, PEPI, Asahi, TKS/ Thinking Electronics, Schott and Fuzetec.

For more information, contact sales@atcsemitec.co.uk or visit our website www.atcsemitec.co.uk or call technical sales 01606 871680.


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