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Bender UK RS4 Rail Signal Power Protection

30 April 2019

Proven, compliant, retrofit and replace solutions for intelligent rail monitoring and maintenance

Bender UK at Railtex 19 Stand H91

Next generation Rail Signal Power Protection with increased sensitivity for first fault location and compliance with Network Rail’s Insulation Monitoring and Fault Location requirements is the focus of Bender UK Stand H91 at Railtex 19.

Bender UK’s Rail Signalling Protection System – RS4 - delivers multiple-tier smart cable insulation monitoring that Network Rail needs to reduce rail downtime and improve operations.  The new RS4 steps up the performance of Bender’s already proven systems to provide a holistic picture of cable health, along with a rich data set that meets the requirements of standard NR/L2/SIGELP/27725.

The new system employs tried and trusted Bender measuring technology offering increased sensitivity with improved feeder first fault location from the 20k? pre-warning level to 100K? and higher, depending on system capacitance.

Proven history and track record

Bender UK’s advanced intelligent insulation monitoring equipment has a proven track record with more than 1,000 systems installed across the UK’s rail networks over the last two decades. 

Bender equipment plays a vital role in the predictive maintenance and cost-effective fault finding that is essential to minimise disruption. New RS4 Tier 3 and Tier 2 solutions are on trial on several key Network Rail routes in the south of England.

The retrofittable solution can upgrade existing RS3 installations in minutes without disconnection.  It offers cost-effective continuation for legacy equipment that is compatible with existing Intelligent Infrastructure remote condition monitoring through GSM-enabled data loggers.

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Solutions

The Tier 2 solution provides full insulation resistance levels of individual feeders with increased system visibility at minimal extra cost over Tier 3 technology and is fully upgradeable to deliver a Tier 1 solution.

Bender UK’s RS4 solution for Tier 1 requirements provides full insulation resistance levels of individual cable subsections and within FSPs (Functional Supply Points).  It also offers the flexibility to deliver tailor-made solutions on a project-by-project basis.

Specific bespoke solutions

The RS4 Tier 1 solution is fully retrofittable and compact for utilisation within SIN119 remedial works.  It does not require a 650V or earth reference connection for FSP installations making the Bender Tier 1 solution fully class 2.

Bespoke customised data and communication options can be achieved and tailored to specific projects - fully integrated with existing Intelligent Infrastructure.

Trackside equipment can be fully integrated into existing FSP architecture and the Tier 1 solution offers remote fault location to FSP or cable length, with precise manual fault finding at 100K?.

Rapid and Precise Fault Finding

The advanced RS4 device builds on the technology already proven in use across Network Rail with many Bender rail signalling protection systems already delivering vital information on the status of power supplies. 

Alongside enhanced sensitivity for ‘first fault’ location (100K?) RS4 measures capacitance, voltage and frequency delivering data within the standard display options to provide more information to help assess the health of the system.  

The ability of RS4 to locate faults more precisely means maintenance teams can respond more quickly, enhancing safety and reducing downtime costs.  Bender UK’s RS4 system continually monitors insulation values to show real-time status of the power system. When the insulation value (IR) drops, the system records the fault and puts a test current signal or pulse into the system which is pulled to earth at the point of failure.

Portable Technology

A portable Bender RS-PELI device can be used trackside for measuring and analysing a specific section of the power network to prioritise installation programmes. The unit is self-powered through connection to the trackside signal electrical network and delivers live monitoring of the system status. The RS-PELI unit can also be used to provide independent verification of the RS system performance. Significant improvements have been made to the portable insulation fault case EDS3090 - with more sensitive clamps and receiver technology to enhance exact fault location accuracy to up to 100k?.

Bender UK Managing Director Gareth Brunton explains: “With the support of our expert research and development team in Grunberg, Germany, we have created the cost-effective multi-tier RS4 monitoring solution.  It is a response to the new standards set by Network Rail and enables our customers to plan their intervention around their business needs, employing intelligent monitoring to minimise rail disruption.  At Bender UK we continually strive to upgrade the performance of our products and services to respond dynamically to the changing needs of our customer, helping them to comply with the latest regulations.”

The RS4 intelligent insulation and earth fault monitoring system is part of the Bender UK range of rail system protection products that includes monitoring of rail switch points heating units and motors, and control voltage network monitoring for railway crossings.  

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