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SMEs must be the new focus to solve the UK’s productivity problems

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Sensors are re-writing the rules in the art of decision-making

How do you know you’ve made the best decision possible with the information you have? Well, in the vast majority of cases, you can’t say for sure. Despite what many people might think, nothing is 100%... more

Kemtron introduces a new soft silicone flat EMI gasket material

A flat, sheet material, comprising a solid silicone rubber, embedded with Monel or aluminium metal wires orientated perpendicular to its surface. Excellent RFI/EMI/EMP shielding performance is ... more
Embedded Technology

OMC unveils a rainbow of next-generation LED backlight colours with Active Reflector Technology

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics, announces it has developed a new technology that enables a whole rainbow of new LED backlight colours to be produced, including magentas and blue-greens. ... more

Smiths Connectors launches its COTS Plus 2mm Aurora connector series

Smiths Connectors, a world-leading provider of high-performance interconnect solutions for the most demanding applications has announced the launch of its high performance Aurora Series, a COTS Plus ... more

HARTING expands preLink® integrated Ethernet connection system

Cable and chassis connectors for professional audio and lighting applications

HARTING has expanded its preLink® integrated Ethernet connection system with new versions of the preLink® termination block for interfacing with PROFINET, industrial Ethernet and ultra-flexible ... more
The Neutrik XLR series of cable and chassis connectors were designed for use in professional audio and lighting systems and are also used in many industrial applications. According to Lane, Neutrik ... more

Ricoh launches 34V / 14A high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converter for automotive applications

Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V. Semiconductor Support Centre has launched the new synchronous buck DC/DC converter R1273L, with a wide input voltage range up to 34V and an adjustable output voltage ... more

Analog Devices’ MEMS accelerometers enable early detection of structural defects

Analog Devices’ MEMS accelerometers enable early detection of structural defects

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today announced three-axis, MEMS accelerometers that perform high resolution vibration ... more

Embedded Technology

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