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2.13” flexible graphic E-Paper display

30 May 2018

Craft Data are pleased to introduce one of the latest innovations in Bi-Stable electronic paper displays (E-Paper or E-Ink), the GDEW0123I5F is a flexible graphic display measuring 2.13” on the diagonal with outline dimensions of 59.2(H) x 29.2(V) x 0.3(D)mm an active area of 48.55(H) x 23.91(V)mm and a resolution of 212 x 104 pixels. The traditional glass substrate has been replaced by an ultra-thin, 0.3mm thick plastic substrate that allows for the display to be flexed without breaking creating an extremely durable display.  To further enhance the displays durability an anti-glare hard coat protects the front of the display from scuffs and scrapes.  An operating temperature of 0~50°C makes the display suitable for a host of re-usable label type applications within the commercial and medical sectors.

As with all electronic paper displays the highly reflective nature of the technology makes the display suitable for applications requiring a good optical performance in high ambient light environments. It’s black character on a light grey background helps to produce a high contrast, highly visible display. The optical performance is further enhanced by the display’s 180° viewing angle on both the X and Y axis making it suitable for mounting in both portrait and landscape orientations without the loss of image quality.

The GDEW0213I5F benefits from an extremely low power consumption with power only being consumed when the display is being updated.  During a screen update the display consumes just 26.4mW of power and has a current draw of less than 8mA, once the update has taken place all power can be switched off to conserve resources however the image is still retained on the screen.  The display also features sleep and deep sleep modes which can further reduce power and current consumption to less than 0.0165mW and 5µA respectively. A COG style on-board controller IC provides the increasingly popular 4 or 3-line SPI interface as well as an on-chip display RAM, Wave form storage, oscillator, Gate and Source buffers, timing control logic, a DC/DC converter, SRAM plus LUT, VCOM and Border control signals.  The module also benefits from the latest display and controller technology, enabling the screen image to be partially updated simplifying tasks such as timers or counters etc.

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