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Choosing the right mouse

14 March 2018

Even today the most commonly used computer accessory is the mouse. Particularly in work environments, due to its frequent use, having a good mouse is essential for making work on a computer or laptop healthy and comfortable. There are many different kinds of mice on the market today, from vertical, precision and centrally positioned mice to a pen tablet: How can you choose which mouse is right for you?

European legislation stipulates that a monitor must?be separated from the keyboard. However, this is not the case with a laptop, in which the monitor and keyboard are a single unit. Because the mouse in the touchpad is an immovable element in a laptop, it is placed between the monitor and the keyboard, which makes using it inconvenient, unless an external mouse is used.

Using a conventional mouse places the hand, wrist and forearm in an unfavourable position and can put additional strain on the body in three ways, which can all be prevented with different types of mice as seen below.

Pronation: During this movement, the bones in the forearm and their attached muscles cross each other which results in increased muscle tension, vertical mice such as the Evoluent C from BakkerElkhuizen can help reduce pain in the forearm.

Wrist extension: Due to the normal height of the mouse, the wrist is bent backward, this increases the strain throughout the wrist area, which can be prevented by Bar Mice, Pen Tablets and Precision Mice due to the wrists positioning and ergonomics of these mice.

Ulnar and Radial Deviation: This is the most commonly used way of holding a conventional mouse. This means that the hand is turned in the direction of your little finger. The degree to which we can turn our hand towards our thumb is much more limited. This means that the hand is usually turned to the right: ulnar deviation. In this position, the wrist is not often in a neutral position when using a conventional mouse. Over time, this will lead to strain, but can be prevented with a vertical mouse which positions the hand and wrist in a more natural posture.

Deciding on the right mouse is something that is often overlooked but is vital to maximise user convenience, physical comfort and precision when working.

To find out more visit BakkerElkhuizen or watch a helpful video here. The Evoluent C costs around £124.

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