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Plug and play in industrial plants

Embedded Technology

Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ SoC module with two memory channels

Enclustra MercuryTM XU5 SoC module: more interfaces for the PL

Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ SoC module with two memory channels Zurich, 17th July 2018 - The Mercury XU5 SoC module from Enclustra is ... more

Toshiba Memory Europe announces 96-layer BiCS FLASH development with QLC technology

Toshiba Memory Europe GmbH today announced that it has developed a prototype sample of a 96-layer BiCS FLASH, memory device using its proprietary 3D flash quad level cell (QLC) technology that boosts ... more

Socionext implements AV1 encoder on FPGA over cloud service

Socionext Inc., a leader in advanced SoC technology for video and imaging systems, has developed a prototype implementation of video encoder functionalities of the latest video compression format AV1 ... more

Socionext launches new hybrid codec module

Socionext Inc. today introduced its new "M820L", the latest device from the company's Hybrid Codec M820 Series. Optimised for flexibility and performance, the M820L is designed to maximise the value ... more

Speed and security – with a small footprint

The use of communications middleware is not a new concept; however, the latest implementations offer a host of additional benefits, not least reducing risk and cost. NICK PRIDHAM, of Hamersham ... more

Ultra-low power Lattice sensAI leads mass market enablement of artificial intelligence in edge devices

Marvell introduces industry’s first NVMe chipset solutions to address emerging data centre SSD requirements

New FPGA Solutions Open Doors for Rapid Deployment of Machine Learning Inferencing Across Broad Market IoT Applications Demanding Milliwatt Range Power Consumption

Accelerates deployment of AI into ... more

Marvell, a leader in storage, networking and connectivity semiconductor solutions, today announced that it is launching innovative NVM Express (NVMe)-based chipset solutions that will accelerate the ... more

Technosoft presents the iPOS2401 MX-CAT - the world's smallest EtherCAT drive!

High-end positioning applications where space is critical find now an optimal solution in the incredibly small iPOS2401 servo drive from Technosoft, with an EtherCAT interface.

Small and light, 19 ... more

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