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High voltage made easier with Advanced Energy

26 April 2018

Advanced Energy (AE) high voltage power products offer designed solutions to match all levels of system performance and complexity in both end user and OEM applications. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the most rigorous requirements of your mission-critical systems with standard and custom high voltage power supplies ranging from 50 V to 500 kV and output power from 100 mW to 120 kW. In addition, our high voltage experts are ready to partner with you to develop derivative or fully customized solutions designed for your specific application needs.


Application-Specific Power

Our high voltage solutions are often used for mission-critical, high-performance applications, including:

  • Mass spectrometers
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) tools
  • Analytical equipment
  • Medical and life sciences


Depth and Breadth of High Voltage Portfolio

Advanced Energy supplies accurate, reliable performance to a wide variety of applications and industries, with the flexibility and modularity of over 1,500 models. Engineers can precisely match system specifications with a power supply series and take advantage of the exceptionally wide input and output operating ranges as well as advanced arc handling. In addition to our standard products, custom high voltage power supplies can be built to individual specifications and optimized for unique system needs by working with AE’s design and application experts.


Global Support and Service

Design and integration quality are paramount to optimum system performance. AE serves as

a valuable design partner to your engineering department through the entire planning, development, integration, and support processes. We provide our expertise to reduce your time to realize to a proof of concept and ultimately, speed up time to market — minimizing your development costs and risk. With office locations around the world, our comprehensive network is easily accessible and highly responsive at a location near you.


Find Your Ideal High Voltage Power Supply

Choosing the right high voltage power supply for an application can often be a complex task. In many cases, a holistic view of the entire system architecture needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a design as any number of end product requirements can influence the performance and operation of a high voltage power.  

In our High Voltage Power Supply Buyer’s Guide, we outline the key considerations that should be addressed during the selection process in order to determine best product fit for both performance and price. Additionally, learn how an individual specification can impact design choice.

Browse our Quick Select Chart to quickly locate the product using key specifications as a jumping off point.

Learn more at Advanced or give us a call at 1-800-446-9167.

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