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Power Conversion Specialist Ideal Power launch a new series of DC/DC Converters

27 July 2016

Ideal Power are pleased to announce the launch of their extended range of power supply units. With the support of trusted manufacturers, the company continue to expand their product portfolio, gaining worldwide certifications of approvals, allowing for global distribution and application within an array of industries.

The latest product offering consists of a wide range of DC/DC converters suitable for a variety of applications based on each ones’ individual and specific attributes. To highlight just a few; selected modules can be applied within Medical devices and Battery Electric Vehicle applications.

The units combine industry leading design and the latest component technology, producing high densities and efficiencies. They are available in such physical formats as Brick, Encapsulated, SIP, DIP, SMD, with a choice of PCB, Chassis or DIN-Rail mounting.  All units come in a variety of input/output voltage options, isolated or non-isolated, with, or without a heat sink. This allows Ideal Power to offer the ideal module for the desired application.

Application Examples:




The 36HxxxxS-2 Series are approved to provide medical devices with the protection required to ensure both safety and legal EU distribution.


All components applied within medical devices currently must be approved to IEC/EN60601-1 3rd Edition. This standard requires certain protection levels and is not necessarily applicable for all medical devices. The protection level required for the device to be legally applicable within the application, depends on whether or not the device will be connected to a patient. This can be levels of safety insulation, protective earth or creepage distance – or even a combination of these. Ideal Power are able to source the correct component for any device, based on its specific requirements.


Ideal Power’s medical conversion units are capable of facilitating such medical applications as; Monitoring and Diagnostics, Laboratory Equipment, Household Medical Devices and even Dental.


Battery Electric Vehicles


With the increasing awareness of the effects of carbon emissions within our environment, and the automotive industry proactively innovating to ‘be seen to be green’, the production of Battery Electric Vehicles is on the rise.


Ideal Power’s 36CF0505XT01WR2 DC/DC converter is applicable within the battery management system of a Battery Electric Vehicle in order to efficiently maximise its overall performance. The module features a 3,500 V DC isolation, and an operating temperature range of -50°C~+125°C, whilst complying with both TS16949 and AEC-Q100


Please do not hesitate to contact Ideal Power, should you have any questions, or want to find out more about the products available to you:


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