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SICK OD5000 Displacement Sensor Is an Electronics High performer

Published: 1 August 2017 - Sarah Mead

Where accurate, wafer-thin measurement is needed in electronics and solar photovoltaic manufacture, the SICK OD5000 displacement sets new performance standards. With a high measuring frequency up to 80 kHz and resolutions down to 0.003µm, the OD5000 promises consistent and reliable laser-based displacement measurement of coatings, deposits, gaps and glass layers.

The OD5000 is part of SICK’s well-established OD range of laser scanners, developed for high consistency and linearity in measurement results even at high production speeds.  Thanks to the intelligent measurement filters incorporated in the OD5000’s firmware, virtually any surface or colour of object can be reliably measured.

Says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s National Product Manager for Measurement Systems:  “The OD5000 is a high performer that can measure more quickly and precisely than ever.   That means reliable measurement for thin/ultrathin glass substrates and layers, as well as for curved glass and surfaces. The 5µm light spot aids quick and precise ranging for set-up, and the easy-mount design facilitates rapid installation and commissioning.

“Because the OD5000 can be configured using the SICK SOPAS web parameterisation software, measurement quality can be optimised and tolerances adjusted during production to ensure a high degree of accuracy.  The software’s innovative new menu structure enables easy visualisation and teach-in.”

The OD5000 incorporates SICK proven IO-Link communications to enable set process parameters to be uploaded and saved, making commissioning and device replacement swift and error-free.  IO-Link also provides opportunities for enhanced data handling and diagnostics.

The choice of outputs includes switchable, scalable analogue (MA/V) and push-pull and the Ethernet interface is within the sensor head.  The OD5000 is part of the SICK OD range of laser scanners, which represent a comprehensive selection of performance in electronics and solar application to suit measurement requirements.

For more information on SICK OD5000, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

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