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On Demand Webinar: Power your net zero ambitions with an intelligent energy pathway

What stage is your business at on pathway to net-zero? Do you have a clear roadmap of where you're going and how you'll get there? Or are you working out the best way to get started on your journey?... more

European market value for connected climate control tech tops 718M€ last year, new report reveals

Delta-EE, the specialist new energy market research consultancy, has released its Connected Homes; State of the Market 2021 report that reveals connected climate control expenditure reached €718 ... more

Avoid Brexit border delays to keep your CHP running smoothly

Operators of combined heat and power (CHP) engines know just how important the smooth running of their equipment is to the overall success of their business, with owners often spending tens of ... more
Green Energy & CHP

Global EV battery production needs “significant boost to meet demand”

According to the ‘Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain Analysis,’ sponsored by ABB Robotics and authored by the automotive intelligence unit of Ultima Media, while 2036 is the changeover year when ... more

Can energy providers finally boost their NPS scores?

Energy providers have some of the lowest NPS scores in comparison to other sectors, according to the latest compilation of NPS scores by the UK Regulators Network. Even though the industry has ... more
Energy Management

Heating and health: Expert reveals the impacts of ventilation and temperature on our wellness

Schaeffler helps commercial vehicles go electric

If you are finding yourself struggling with a dry cough, tickly throat, dry eyes and mouth, or even a lack of sleep, then this may be because of the centralised heating system within your home... more
Automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler is expanding its range of powertrain electrification solutions for commercial vehicles, making another key contribution to meeting climate and ... more

Snickers workwear for summer – Cooling technology and verifiable sustainability

Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance. Everyone wants to be cool, and comfortable at work this summer – and to do their bit for saving the planet. That’s why Snickers ... more

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