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Energy Management

Energy saving solution suits Restormel Water Treatment Works

South West Water has cut the energy and maintenance costs of variable speed drives in a series of optimisation projects. South West Water (SWW) has saved up to £25,000 on the running costs of its ... more

Bringing affordable energy to hospitals

According to research from energy consultancy Energy Management LLP, NHS Trusts spend an average of half a billion pounds each year on gas and electric. Powering patient care is a costly exercise, ... more

EMS reduces CO2 emissions for door provider

Pilot Group’s Energy Management System (EMS) has reduced CO2 emissions and delivered significant cost savings for Hörmann (UK), Europe’s leading door provider. After undertaking a comprehensive site ... more

The energy bills bombshell that could cost struggling firms an extra 35%

Millions of Britain’s small businesses risk their electricity bills rising by over a third, if they fail to keep on top of costs, Love Energy Savings today warns. The energy retailer is calling on ... more

The energy implications of working from home

“Low electricity demand levels in 2020 gave us an unprecedented peak at a future electricity market dominated by renewables and we learnt that we can do it”... more

Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply

Direction of Physical Infrastructure as we move into 2021

Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide peace of mind for any mission critical business production facility. Kinetic energy stored within the flywheels is discharged instantaneously, ... more
1. Global trends impacting physical infrastructure in 2021?

National and regional governments are investing in new infrastructure where information technology (IT) and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is ... more

Together, we can build back better

It hasn’t exactly been the 15th anniversary year that Energy Assets Group expected, but as Chief Executive Officer Colin Lynch explains, while the celebrations may have been put on hold, the company ... more

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