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Is it time to make boilerhouse efficiency your focus?

19 March 2019

Just a 15% increase in overall boilerhouse efficiency in a typical steam boilerhouse could deliver up to £100k in savings. Are you under pressure to reduce the running costs of your boiler house? Then you should be considering energy monitoring as part of the solution.

Why? Because with an energy monitor even the most inefficient boiler house can be turned into a beacon of efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions, water use and, ultimately, operating costs.

Here’s three ways how energy monitoring can get your boiler house efficiency under control:

  1. Gain a true picture of your fuel to steam efficiency without the need for complex systems

Some steam system operators use burner efficiency to indicate boiler efficiency. Using burner efficiency data alone, such changes can often go unnoticed until an expensive fuel bill comes in. Burner efficiency also ignores energy losses that can occur after the burner, such as scaled or dirty heat transfer surfaces or excessive boiler blowdown rates. The only way to obtain true boiler efficiency is to meter all energy into the boiler (in the gas and feed water) and compare this with the useful energy out of the boiler (in the steam).

  1. Make real-time decisions

Energy monitors use input data from gas, water and steam flow meters to calculate the energy efficiency of the boiler system without the need for additional equipment. Through real-time data, you can easily detect drops in energy and boiler efficiency, which enables you to identify their causes quickly enabling swift action to be taken to prevent unnecessary costs arising.

  1. Realise significant savings in energy costs and achieve energy, carbon, water and effluent targets

Even a small improvement in boiler efficiency can realise significant savings over your boiler’s operational lifetime. With energy monitoring, you can monitor real time collation of boiler plant performance and identify performance issues such as erratic blowdown, which if too high can increase energy costs.

Make boilerhouse efficiency your focus and find out more on energy monitoring today.

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