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Easily prove product tampering

12 March 2018

Tamper-evident labels provide immediate proof of product tampering and can easily be printed and applied at your location.

Protect assets and components

Tamper-evident labels help deter theft, illegal harvesting of components and warranty fraud. The labels fracture easily, or leave a 'void' message to visually indicate product or package tampering, making it more difficult to sell assets in unauthorised channels, to access products or cargo without notifying anyone, and even to remove and re-apply labels without visual indication.

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Track & trace

Tamper-evident labels can easily and quickly be printed at your location. Add a barcode or your product's serial number to track your assets, or print inspection or calibration data to use the tamper evident label as a seal proving the last inspection or calibration is still valid. Get started quickly with an anti-tamper kit containing a printer, label design applications, tamper evident labels and an ink ribbon.

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What is Brady Defender™ Series - Tamper-evident Labels?

Brady’s Defender Series tamper-evident seals and tamper indicating labels are custom engineered to provide print on demand, irreversible, visible evidence of label tampering to protect against warranty fraud, product tampering, altering, misuse or asset theft.

  • Irreversible, visible evidence of tampering
  • Protects warranty fraud, product tampering or asset theft
  • Chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance

Multiple options are available, including fracturing labels and labels that leave a footprint when removed. Ideal for product and component identification, rating and serial plates, these quality labels are engineered for superior chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance.

Choose your ideal identification labels with our durable identification labels guide book!

For every identification challenge, even in the most complex industrial environments, specific identification labels have been designed that can durably identify cables, components, parts, products and facilities.

Brady’s Durable identification labels guide book supports industries in choosing the ideal label for their identification needs. It shows what is possible in the world of labelling and presents solutions that enable companies to easily design and print their own, trusted identification labels.

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