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New smartply strongdeck provides relief to warehousing overflow

16 April 2019

It has recently been revealed that warehouses in the UK are nearing capacity with around 75% of UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) members saying they were unable to take on new business. The survey by the UKWA pointed to the shortage of space close to major cities for stockpiling goods in case of holdups at ports after a no deal exit from the EU.

With the aim of providing increased flexibility to help ease warehouse deadlock, MEDITE SMARTPLY have launched SMARTPLY STRONGDECK: the brand-new high strength, lightweight, high-performance OSB4 panel ideal for mezzanine floors and other high loadbearing applications.

Available from 2nd April 2019, SMARTPLY STRONGDECK allows warehousing contractors to safely create additional space above their existing operation, temporarily enabling them to scale up and down to meet demands. This 30mm OSB4 panel ideal for use in humid conditions (Service class 2 as defined in Eurocode 5), also opens the door to food produce storage, increasing flexibility of warehouses across the industry.

MEDITE SMARTPLY Product Manager, Colin Wheatley explained: “In response to the increasing demand for ever stronger solutions to temporary flooring and industrial storage, especially in humid environments, we’ve created a panel that will provide users with a truly flexible solution. 

“Traditionally, mezzanine flooring panels have been made from chipboard. What we have created is a considerably lighter – up to 17% in some cases - mezzanine flooring product that maintains its durability and is actually stronger than some chipboard alternatives.

“As a result, it is easier to handle and quicker to install due in part to the larger surface area per sheet laid, and it can help warehousing contractors to continue servicing existing and new customers in this uncertain time.”

Using timber only from their own sustainably managed forests in Ireland, MEDITE SMARTPLY ensure all their OSB3 and 4 panels are manufactured with FSC certified timber and zero-added formaldehyde.

“As a timber manufacturer that has always placed a high importance on wellbeing and environmental concerns,” said Colin, “it is therefore imperative that we continue to innovate responsibly.”

Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of OSB4 as defined in EN 300, SMARTPLY STRONGDECK contains no core gaps or hollow pockets, and is CE marked in accordance with the harmonised standard EN 13986. The structural properties of SMARTPLY STRONGDECK are derived from extensive testing in accordance with EN 789 while characteristic values are calculated in accordance to EN 1058.

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