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Cirrus Research’s Biggest Ever Black Friday Deals Are Here!

26 November 2020

Acoustic measurement specialists, Cirrus Research, have unveiled their Black Friday promotions. The event, which has become a common feature of the firm’s build-up to the festive period, promises to be their biggest ever, with brand new noise measurement instruments being offered at once-in-a-50-year prices.

Between 23 November and 4 December, customers can get Cirrus Research’s industry-leading noise measurement equipment for prices that reflect the business’ 50th anniversary year celebrations. Included in the Black Friday promotion are:

  • handheld sound level meters
  • noise dosimeter kits
  • outdoor noise measurement kits

Each of these instruments is available for £1970.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Martin Ellison, said: “Black Friday has become one of the most important times of year for Cirrus Research. Every November for the last few years, we’ve offered special deals on our industry-leading equipment, making it easier to purchase what we believe to be the best noise measurement instrumentation available on the market.

“We had big plans for our 50th birthday, and although we haven’t been able to do exactly what we planned, that hasn’t stopped us celebrating with our biggest ever sales promotion, offering a selection of our equipment at the very special price of £1970!

“During these challenging times, we continue to be incredibly easy to purchase from, allowing businesses to access the equipment they need to protect their people from the dangers of excessive noise, which despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, still poses real risks to people’s health and well-being in the workplace.”

The announcement of these Black Friday offers comes after a long and successful period for Cirrus Research, despite the economic slowdown and the other challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. Cirrus Research continues to support to key names in major industries across the world. As recently as September, Cirrus Research has announced two new product launches: a GPS-enabled version of their iconic Optimus handheld sound level meter, and a dual-level acoustic calibrator, which have already been met with great acclaim.

The full list of Cirrus Research’s Black Friday promotions is as follows:

Here's the full list of what you can get during our Black Friday promotion:

The following products are available for £1970 each:

  • Noise at work data logging sound level meter kit, including carrying case and acoustic calibrator
  • Noise at work sound level meter with octave band analysis
  • Environmental noise sound level meter with audio recording
  • Environmental noise sound level meter with octave bands, including carrying case and acoustic calibrator
  • Outdoor environmental noise measurement kit
  • Modem-enabled outdoor environmental noise measurement kit
  • Bluetooth-enabled noise dosimeter kit, including 2 doseBadges and all accessories
  • Standard noise dosimeter kit, including 3 doseBadges and all accessories
  • ATEX-approved noise dosimeter kit, including 3 doseBadges and all accessories

Cirrus Research are also offering savings on both standard traceable and UKAS-accredited instrument calibration (lab no. 10148). When booking your calibration, quote:

  • 1970CAL to get £19.70 off the cost of calibrating your sound level meter, regardless of the make or model, or;
  • 50CAL to pay only £50 for the calibration of your acoustic calibrator when booked in alongside your sound level meter

You can find more information about Cirrus Research’s Black Friday promotions or make an enquiry here:

+44 (0)1723 891655

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