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New ‘Cool Truck’ recycling package for 2-3.5 tonne Hyster lift trucks

Published: 2 November 2017 - Jack Cheeseman

Hyster Europe has announced a new ‘Cool Truck’ package for the H2.0-3.5FT lift truck series. This package helps extend run time, enhancing dependability in extreme operating environments such as paper bale handling and recycling. 

“When operating standard forklift trucks in the paper industry, the radiators can easily get clogged up causing unnecessary downtime,” said David Reeve, industry manager, Counterbalance Solutions. “This is not only frustrating, but it also costs businesses money in lost production and can lead to other problems.”

The launch of the new ’Cool Truck’ package for 2-3.5 tonne capacity lift trucks follows the successful introduction of the H4.0-5.5FT Cool Truck in 2015. It features an automatically reversing fan that significantly extends radiator cleaning intervals compared to a H2.0-3.5FT. By minimising radiator clogging caused by debris build-up operations can increase productivity and maximise return on investment.

“The package is designed to reduce the amount of debris entering the engine compartment and getting stuck on the transmission or in the radiator,” said Reeve, explaining that tilt and steer cylinder gaiters also minimise the risk of damage to cylinders from debris. Tough rubber guards over the drive axle also minimise ingress of paper under the floorplates.

Venting on side panels helps to minimise the vacuuming effect of debris on the ground and a solid multi-piece belly pan under the engine compartment reduces the amount of loose debris entering the underside of the truck.

Based on the current Hyster H2.0-3.5FT range, with capacities from 2-3.5 tonnes, the Cool Truck is built for recycling centres or paper mills where there may be large areas full of recycled paper bales ready for pulping. A number of options are available to meet particular application needs.

“To challenge the dependability of our system, we have conducted extended field trials in some of the harshest paper production applications worldwide,” Reeve confirmed. “For example, we found that conventional trucks required engine compartment cleanouts much more frequently to prevent overheating.”

“Chiselling loads out from tightly packed bales on a vehicle can also cause massive shock loadings to the attachment, mast rollers and carriage,” added Reeve, explaining that the risk in this instance is serious damage to transmissions and front-end equipment, whilst potentially overloading the forklift’s engine and cooling system.

The Hyster Duramatch transmission, with its Controlled Power Reversal, reduces shocks through the transmission and helps prolong tyre life, again adding to the dependability of these tough trucks.

“The Cool Truck is designed to keep going in tough paper and recycling applications, offering the reliability and durability that end users in these tough operations need from their equipment,” Reeve concluded.

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