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NEW! Roll up for high-speed, eco-friendly packaging!

15 January 2019

If saving money, time and overall packing efficiency is top of your agenda this year, Pregis’ new Coiler may be just what you’re looking for.

Designed to bolt-on to their bestselling Easypack® PackmasterPro system, this clever and easy-to-install solution automates the process of producing consistent, large quantities of cushion packaging coils, helping you to significantly reduce the need for manual processing and eliminate waste.

The highly versatile coils of robust packaging are made from 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable paper.  Coils are among the strongest and most flexible types of in-the-box packaging - you can use them to cushion or mould firmly around products of any size, shape or weight of product; from fragile glass through to heavy engineered products.

Packed with Features!

  • Converts 100% recycled paper into strong, multi-purpose coils
  • Premium safety with multiple ‘Stop’ sensors
  • Choice of coil diameters - from 30cm to 70cm
  • Coil depths of up to 20cm
  • Output speed of 26m per second
  • Simple, height adjustable controls
  • Hands-free repeat option for ease of use
  • Adjust the size of the coils
  • Ends of coils can be secured without the need for tape

World Class Eco-friendly Technology

Easypack is Pregis’ leading environmentally friendly packaging brand, renowned for its quality engineering and innovative technology. The range includes a wide variety of user-friendly packaging solutions that will fit into any type of packaging operation.

The range includes: Packmaster™Pro, Packmate™Pro, Spiral Pro®, Freestyle™, Quantum™XT, Packstation™ and many more.

The best-selling PackmasterPro

The Packmaster™Pro is the most advanced void-fill packaging system available today. The innovative solution is widely used across multiple sectors in the UK, Europe and the US, due to its incredible versatility, performance and reliability.

Made in the UK, Easypack’s clever technology converts rolls of 100% environmentally friendly paper at high speeds to produce a variety of lightweight yet strong paper cushions that are up to 80 times the original paper volume. The paper is available in single ply or twin-ply grades from 70gsm up to 90gsm, with a choice of white, brown or a combination of the two.

The totally environmentally friendly coils can easily replace non-recyclable or non-biodegradable void fill such as messy loose-fill chips or chemical-based foam-in-place options.

Simple, ergonomic design for ease of use

As with all Pregis solutions, user experience was a key factor throughout the design of the Coiler.  The system is height adjustable and totally secure, helping you to pack with ease and flexibility. It’s simple to install, easy to operate and of course, safe to use for new or experienced packers.

Watch how the Coiler works

Take a look at our product videos to see the Coiler, and all other products in action, or for more information about the full range of Pregis protective packaging solutions, visit

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