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World’s largest mirror telescope relies on nanometer accuracy inductive sensors from Micro-Epsilon

The European Southern Observatory based in Garching, Germany, is relying on high precision displacement measurement systems from Micro-Epsilon for a project to build the world’s largest mirror ... more

Getting real with nanotubes

Tsukuba, Japan, Sept 6, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - Carbon nanotubes show potential, but also many challenges, for the manufacture of flexible, wearable electronics, according to a research review in ... more

Seeing viruses in a new light with nanoholes

Nanohole fibers made of quartz glass permit nondestructive detection of viruses – Collaborative development by Heraeus, Harvard University, Leiden University and the IPHT in Jena more

Nanoscale look at why new alloy is amazingly tough

A team of researchers led by scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has identified several mechanisms that make a new, cold-loving material one of the toughest metallic alloys ever.  more

Miniaturised optical devices enabled by carbon nano technology

European company granted US patent for nanodiamond-containing polymers

Research published today in Nature’s Scientific Reports demonstrates carbon nanotubes creating wafer-thin, flat structures that enable the miniaturisation of a range of optical devices more
European company granted US patent for nanodiamond-containing polymers more

Imec advances drive current in vertical 3D NAND memory devices

Results on High Mobility InGaAs to Replace poly-Si as Channel Material Presented at IEDM 2015 more

EcoCortec launching high-tech packaging solution: Corpak static dissipative bubbles powered by Nano-VpCI

The latest answer to a tiresome packaging issues comes from one of the most advanced European bioplastic manufacturers - EcoCortec. more

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