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ABB to lower costs and increase value of capital projects with ABB Adaptive Execution offering

ABB Adaptive Execution integrates expert teams, new technologies, agile processes, shared learnings, and proven methodologies into a single, streamlined project execution experience for all stakeholders involved in major capital investment projects. 

Why Cyber Security Matters in Manufacturing

The issue of cyber security is one of the most important topics facing our businesses today. From data breaches to the theft of intellectual property (IP), there are a huge number of risks which poor ... 

Focus On Temperature Products from Lake Shore Cryotronics

Model 336 Temperature Controller

The first of a new generation of innovative temperature measurement and control solutions by Lake Shore, the Model 336 temperature controller comes standard ... 


Dual Pumps is a prominent global supplier

Established in 1975 Dual Pumps is a prominent global supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & ... 

OMRON appoints Reeco Automation as solution partner for collaborative robots

Reeco becomes first OMRON Solution Partner in collaboration to build cobot solutions that de-risk projects and maximise ROI

OMRON has appointed system integrator Reeco Automation as a specialist ... 


Don’t Compromise on Safety, Clamp Down on Static

It is accepted that each day throughout Europe a static related incident causes a serious fire or explosion, whilst in the UK alone; HSE statistics suggest that some 50 such incidents occur each year.... 

Condition monitoring helps prevent bearing damage

Monitoring a variety of bearing parameters, including temperature and vibration, can spot damage early and prevent catastrophic failure and costly downtime.

Here is the good news about bearings: 90%... 


More safety for your goods – JACOB DETECTABLE-DESIGN Line

Foreign particles in a product are not acceptable in many industry sectors. Up to now, it was practically impossible to trace gaskets and seals, or parts of them, in the product flow. That changes ... 

Create digital twins of your assets in seconds with Netilion Analytics

To optimise your processes, you need a clear view of your assets. By registering and organising your devices using Netilion Analytics, you can make everything visible and easy to understand.

Many ... 


SICK’s on the Level with its CQF Capacitive Sensor

Compact, economic and quick to install, SICK’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution wherever the fill level of water-based liquids must be ... 

New Modbus enabled earth leakage relay from Bender

Bender has launched a new earth leakage relay designed to continuously monitor installations for developing earth faults within earthed power systems (TN and TT systems).

This new device - RCM410R ... 


Could recycling meet your water needs?

With the right choice of treatment technologies, and a careful cost-benefit analysis, reusing water can increase your industrial operation’s profits. Mark Bosley of SUEZ Water Purification Systems explains... 
Filtration & separation

How to carry out early defect detection

Defects in materials of vessels and tubings are not uncommon. However, it is vital to detect them at an early stage to prevent unplanned downtime or even compromised safety and availability of process plants. Using the case study of a column, TÜV SÜD shows how this can be easily achieved with the help of acoustic emission testing (AT), while saving costs. 
Sensors & instrumentation

OMRON appoints Reeco Automation as solution partner for collaborative robots

OMRON has appointed system integrator Reeco Automation as a specialist partner for collaborative robots, as the two companies look to work together to develop cobot solutions that address real industry needs. 

New Systems Director appointed at BOFA

BOFA International, a global leader in portable fume and dust extraction systems, has promoted Daniel Kench to the new position of Systems Director to support the continued growth of the company in the UK and around the world.  

Current run-to-fail attitudes could be detrimental to industry’s recovery

Plant, process and production managers working across multiple industries have been warned against taking a ‘run to fail’ approach to heat exchanger maintenance following insight from a new industry whitepaper.  

Gen-C restores EDL’s power at the height of the pandemic

When vandals damaged the CHP control panels at EDL’s Wellingborough landfill site, rendering the engines unusable, the timing could not have been worse. One week before Easter 2020, the coronavirus pandemic was sweeping the UK and the country had just been placed into an unprecedented nationwide lockdown. Site managers anticipated a significant period of downtime but thanks to a swift response from gas engine support specialist Gen-C, the upgraded engines were back up and running within just two weeks and are now performing better than ever. 
Water & Waste Treatment

Did COVID-19 help reveal the path forward for industry?

Here, Sean Robinson, service leader at industrial automation provider Novotek UK and Ireland, explains why modern plant systems should be part of a competitive toolkit even when there is no pandemic. 
Process Automation & Control

Uk sick day costs could rise by 45% in 2020

As the UK eases further out of the tight lockdown restrictions that were put in place at the end of March 2020, more and more workers are heading back into offices and factory floors that have laid dormant for nearly six months.  

Agility is the key in IIoT innovation says Advantech at major global event

Agile innovation in the area of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will be the key in driving forward digital transformation in industrial applications into 2021 and beyond.


Managing your business and supply chain COVID-19 responsibilities

Who holds the responsibility for managing the risks of COVID transmission when working with contractors and is there anything new the procuring client should be doing? 

Red Ledge Process Control Technology

Red Ledge automation and process control technology can be used for pick-and-place systems to aid automatic packing of goods. This means orders are 100% accurate.

Red Ledge automation and process ... 


For everything measurable there’s Eurolec

Often referred to in the Test & Measurement sector as Ireland’s best-kept secret, Eurolec Instruments is a company which offers measurement solutions across an enormous range of industry and ... 
Food processing & packaging

Schmersal produces access control systems to support retailers during coronavirus crisis

The Schmersal Group is helping retailers and other companies to cope with the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The company has developed a digital access control system that makes it ... 

Increase the pressure with annular space heat exchangers

Annular space heat exchangers, such as the HRS AS Series, work by passing the product through the gap between the inner and outer tubes (the annular space), which makes them suitable for thick, ... 

Liftvrac saves time and increases production

In Offranville, France, The Taste Workshop specialises in supplying ready to cook dishes for the catering trade. By using the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezing process, The Taste Workshop is ... 

FANUC expands range of handling robots

FANUC has expanded its range of handling robots with the introduction of the M-10iD/8L and M-20iD/12L models.

The two new robots are the handling versions of their Arc Mate counterparts, ... 


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