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Silverson Machines Ltd relaunch website

20 August 2018

Silverson Machines Ltd have recently relaunched their website after a redesign of the entire site, aiming to create an informative and more user friendly experience for both prospective and current customers, especially those viewing the site on mobile devices.

The website has been modernised and streamlined with an up-to-date parallax design, ideal for scrolling and viewing on mobile devices. The site is optimised and responsive on all devices to ensure that whether a mobile, laptop, tablet or computer is being used for browsing the information is easily accessible.

Silverson Machines has been helping customers with their mixing requirements for over 70 years and has a wealth of knowledge in a diverse range of mixing applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and luboils industries. With this knowledge Silverson has produced over 60 mixing application reports which have now been updated from PDF documents to interactive web pages. These application reports not only give visitors useful information on how Silverson mixers can help improve process times and solve common mixing problems, they also provide extra information such as links to relevant Silverson products, related applications and relevant ‘How to’, product or process videos for those wanting more information.

Video is a key component of the new site design which includes a new video library specifically to house the ever growing collection of ‘How to’ videos produced by Silverson. These videos focus on ‘How to’ disperse key ingredients in a range of industries using Silverson machines. Current videos in the series, which are available to view on the Silverson website via the main navigation and on Silverson’s YouTube channel (, include How to disperse Titanium Dioxide, How to Manufacture Mayonnaise and How to make Cosmetic Creams.

As well as ‘How to’ videos, Silverson’s existing process and product videos have been updated to coincide with the modern site design and are available in 12 languages. Silverson mixers are designed to perform a wide range of mixing applications including homogenising, blending, deagglomerating, powder/liquid mixing and reclamation to name a few of the many mixing processes the mixers can handle. The process and product videos show the machines in action and what can be achieved compared to conventional agitators and stirrers. For example, Silverson Laboratory mixers can produce a 66 Brix sugar solution at ambient temperature in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods and the Silverson Blending plant can process whole fruits and vegetables without the need for pre-chopping or pureeing.

Detailed information on the wide range of mixers that Silverson manufactures can be found on updated product pages. From Laboratory mixers to full scale D2500 solubilising plants each product in the Silverson range has its own section, with all the information - videos, technical information, mixer options, how it works and interchangeable workheads all arranged on one scrollable page, making it easier for visitors to find the right mixer for their process.

For those wishing to enquire about a mixer the “request a quote button” is easily accessible on every page. The new shorter form was designed with mobile users in mind so they can input their information easily. The forms have been designed to appear as pop-ups, so users can ask for information without being redirected to a different page. When they have finished entering their details they can continue browsing the site from where they left off. Silverson is hoping that the ease in which customers can now request quotes, find their nearest sales office and request information will help to increase their numbers of enquiries.

Useful information about the services which Silverson provide can also be found on the updated site. Potential and current customers can find out more about Silverson’s expertise and knowledge which help accurately scale up processes from laboratory to pilot plant or full scale production, Silverson’s on-site trial programme and Customisation - how Silverson Machines can be customised to exact client specifications.  

The Silverson Tank Volume Calculator can also be found in the resource section of the site allowing customers to calculate the volume of any vertical tank based on the parameters they input. The calculator is also available to download on the app store.

The site navigation has been improved by simplifying it and Silverson hope it will be easier for users to quickly find the information they are looking for as well as additional related content, videos and contact details.

To view Silverson’s updated website please visit:


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