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Bronkhorst (UK) Ltd
Address:1 Kings Court,
Willie Snaith Road,
Tel:01223 833222
Fax:01223 837683
Website: www.bronkhorst.co.uk

Technology Based.............
............. Market Driven

Bronkhorst UK Limited, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, manufactures gas and liquid Mass Flow and Electronic Pressure Meters and Controllers and offers local sales and after-sales support, calibration and service facilities, application engineering and user training courses. In addition, Bronkhorst has specialized in low to ultra-low flow dispensing, filling and dosing applications where precision, speed and repeatability are of paramount importance.

Having been established in 1981, planned strategic growth has seen successful domination of the European market whilst also developing into a truly world-wide organisation with representation in over eighty countries. This success has been built on a close collaborative approach that has seen product development closely allied to both the needs and the wishes of our customers.

The Service and Calibration Laboratory in Newmarket has been specifically developed to meet the needs of our UK customers and, whilst fully traceable to National Standards, is intended to be flexible in its’ approach to providing practical service solutions. This commitment is an extension of the collaborative culture that defines our company and ensures that essential back-up is always available to a time-scale that meets the needs of every industry sector. In parallel with the Bronkhorst High-Tech 24 hour/7 days a week Help Line we can provide in-house services that include same-day, next-day and 3 day turn-around. Furthermore, on-site services can be arranged to include commissioning support, calibration checks, application support and diagnostics.                                            


Our product line includes :    

  • Gas Flow - from 0.014 mln/min to 11,000 m3/hour
  • Liquid Flow - from 25 nanolitres per min. to 1000’s kg/hour
  • Electronic Vacuum / Pressure Controllers
  • Evaporation and Mixing Systems for direct vapour generation
  • Liquid batching, dosing and blending systems
  • Mechanical line and cylinder regulators


Media links :

Blog: http://www.bronkhorst.co.uk/blog/

Twitter Bronkhorst HIGH-TECH : https://twitter.com/BronkhorstHT

Twitter Bronkhorst CORI-TECH : https://twitter.com/BronkhorstCT

Twitter Mass Flow ONLINE : https://twitter.com/massflowonline

LinkedIn Bronkhorst HIGH-TECH : http://www.linkedin.com/company/bronkhorst-high-tech

LinkedIn Bronkhorst CORI-TECH : http://www.linkedin.com/company/bronkhorst-cori-tech

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