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Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd
Address:Crompton Fields,
Crompton Way,
West Sussex,
RH10 9EE
Tel:01293 571000
Fax:01293 571008
Website: www.rotronic.co.uk

ROTRONIC manufactures and continuously develops a comprehensive range of precision temperature and humidity measurement devices for monitoring and control of environmental and process conditions across industry.

  • Handhelds with a wide range of interchangeable probe types for all applications
  • Data loggers including the RMS continuous environmental monitoring system with all data available anywhere
  • Measurement transmitters with analogue and digital outputs for relative humidity, dew point and all the moisture parameters
  • Meteorological sensors and accessories
  • Water activity analysers to determine and control the ‘free moisture’ in products of all types in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries to ensure the highest quality, longest possible shelf-life and to meet regulatory requirements

Problem-free, accurate measurement result from a stable Rotronic humidity sensor combined with our HygroClip® digital technology.

Various probe types are available to suit all applications across industry, with the widest measurement ranges, -100…200 °C, 0…100 %rh. Our humidity instruments measure both humidity and temperature because temperature is critical to the correct measurement of humidity (a variation of 1 °C can affect humidity measurement by up to 6 %rh hence stable temperature is required).

The Rotronic remote continuous environmental monitoring system (RMS) ensures all data is compliant, with the information shown exactly as required. Alarms and alerts can be set. RMS is fully modular, additional sensors can be added at any time including any additional parameters required using third party devices.  On-premise servers or cloud based (SaaS) solutions are available. RMS can be implemented into existing software.

All manufacturers’ humidity sensors drift, Rotronic by less than 1 %rh per year. Sensor performance can be confirmed easily by end users; Rotronic offers calibration devices and traceable humidity standards from 0.5 %rh to 95 %rh, the portable HygroGen generator (standard and XL models available) can automatically calibrate and adjust (if necessary) multiple Rotronic HygroClip2 series probes. The Rotronic HygroGen2 calibrator is widely acknowledged to be in a class of its own.

Indoor CO2 Air Quality, various gases and Differential Pressure sensors are also available.

Rotronic is a major company in the global Process Sensing Technologies Group (www.processsensing.com).

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