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Fluke (UK) Ltd
Address:Hurricane Way,
Tel:020 7942 0700
Fax:020 7942 0701
Website: www.fluke.co.uk

Established in 1948 the Fluke Corporation is an international business providing professional electronic test tools for a wide range of applications As one of the worlds largest manufacturer s in this category Fluke focuses on keeping the world up and running for each customer. Test tool users in nearly every country and every industry consider the capabilities of Fluke test equipment to be critical to their livelihood.

Fluke products are sold and serviced in more than 100 countries around the world with a portfolio which includes Hand Held DMM’s, Electrical testers, Power Quality Tools, ScopeMeter?, Thermal Imaging cameras and temperature measurement equipment, Indoor Air Quality, Process and Calibration Tools.

Every Fluke tool speaks volumes about the companies planning, engineering and application expertise. It shows in every detail from the innovative electronics and award winning design to the safety engineering and quality of workmanship. With a rich history spanning more than 50 years in test and measurement Fluke products are distinguished by Innovation, Design, Precision and Safety.

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