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Imtex Controls Ltd

4 December 2019

The Imtex Controls Group engineer the best design for your projects, operations and customers. We are a leading independent producer of high integrity valve / damper actuation and valve monitoring equipment. Our products are sold primarily into the oil & gas (onshore & offshore), power generation, chemical and marine industries. At Imtex Controls we are committed to;

•The design of high quality products that are easy to install, use and maintain

•Making designs reliable and efficient in functionality

•Continuously seeking new solutions to meet current user demands

•Improving existing designs in order to make them more efficient and simpler to produce

•Ensuring designs are simple in concept but are safe and environmentally friendly

•Working with the latest control technology in accordance with international standards

All Imtex products are engineered and tested to ensure continuous operation in virtually any environment including extreme service applications.

Our products include;

Valve Position Monitors;

We specialise in valve position monitors, valve monitoring systems and valve positioners for automated valves.

Our product range can cater for a variety of situations and process industries, from hazardous environments through to general purpose manufacturing. We ensure that our products have a long service life and lower operating costs, meaning that the operating and service costs over the life of the product are minimal.

Imtex valve communication systems are designed to be safe, easy to install, use and maintain. Our systems comply with the applicable sections of the most demanding international electrical standards and to the requirements of the latest European Directives, covering functional safety and the environment.

Camtorc Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators;

Camtorc is a specialist manufacturer/supplier of extreme service quarter-turn pneumatic and hydraulic actuator control systems for the on/off and modulating control of valves and dampers.

The ‘heart’ of the legendary Camtorc design is a cam with a mathematically derived profile. The cam rotates between two yoked pistons which results in a constant torque output. This unique feature can only be found in the Camtorc Actuator.

The Cam mechanical design offers simple, backlash free operation providing extended life of seal and components. The Camtorc provides high actuator efficiency in a compact design, limiting the amount of infrastructure and associated costs to install.

Camtorc actuators are based on proven designs and are produced from top quality materials. Every part is meticulously selected and subjected to stringent ISO 9001 and ATEX quality inspection procedures ensuring excellent technical performance and long service life.

Investing in a Camtorc Actuator means you will benefit from;

•Reduced installation cost

•Reduced operating cost

•Less maintenance

•Improved plant safety

Camtorc series Type S & Type SX are available for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in either double acting or spring return configurations with a full range of control accessories.

MATIC Actuator Systems;

MATIC manufacture and supplier of custom pneumatic and hydraulic actuator systems for the on/off and modulating control of valves and dampers as used in the oil, gas, marine, power and process industries.

Utilising many years of field application experience within the area of valve and damper automation, MATIC actuator systems are engineered to provide technically advanced solutions conforming to the latest international standards.

Matic provides a full and comprehensive range of valve automation services including, control panel fabrication and mount & test controls to clients free issue valves.

To compliment the standard range of pneumatic and hydraulic actuator systems offered, MATIC is pleased to provide technical support and submit quotations to customers for all their valve / damper actuation requirements including:

•Electric actuators (failsafe and hazardous area options available)

•Intelligent actuators

•Actuators to interface with fieldbus protocols

•IP68 submersible actuators


Innovation is at the core of our new product development and recently we have launched our Valve Diagnostic Monitoring System (VDMS);

24/7 IIoT ValveHealth™ Monitoring;

Imtex have been supplying valve monitoring and testing solutions that are easily implemented to both new and ageing assets, to enable operators to log data from shut down valves for over 5 years. These solutions enable operators to meet their HSE commitments and help improve operational efficiencies.

Imtex have now developed the Valvescan™ Diagnostic System – an end-to-end solution that captures data from every valve operation, analyses it and provides targeted alerts on the valve health without  any requirement for involvement from plant personnel or any potential impact on the asset real-time control integrity. It is a true IIoT solution for automated valves.

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