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Screen Print Manufacturing Thrives in Digital Age

4 December 2019

As the digital age developed many thought that this would see an end to screen printing. However this traditional printing method has found a new place in the age of technology. It continues to be as successful as a manufacturing method as it was 30 years ago, with the ability to lay down a precise and measurable deposit of ink on a substrate or it can be conductive, a lacquer or an adhesive.

In fact it seems the digital age has enhanced screen printing with many now referring to it as screen print manufacturing and it is true to say that many of todays’ technologies would not have been possible without screen printing.

At IPS Graphics our philosophy has always been to provide a complete service to our customers, rather than just goods. Our highly experienced team have in combined years been supplying industrial printing services, using screen and digital printing, to OEM’s, a wide range of manufacturing industries as well as to specialist design agencies for over 50 years.

This expertise and in depth knowledge of print manufacturing, using a wide and diverse range of materials and finishes, means we are able to assist our customers in creating a cost effective design and a quality end product to suit their specific application needs.

We have, of course also invested in providing a digital printing service suitable for an extensive range of services across a wide number of industrial sectors.

Our multi-purpose digital printers produce ready to use and ultra-sharp outputs and are specifically targeted for short run items or one-off designs of products and their prototypes.


Control and fascia panels are more commonly known today as graphic overlays. Available in PVC, Polycarbonate or Polyester, these are under-surface printed for durability and permanence of legend, which can be user changeable legends for insertion of variable information

Working closely with our network of suppliers we offer a range of specialised adhesives for various surfaces with gloss, matt, satin and velvet surface finishes available. All can be scratch resistant if required.

Dependent on our customer’s application they can be created with display windows suitable for LCD display or secret till lit filter colours. Embossed keypads or Brail areas can be created for use with discreet switches.

They can be supplied complete on support panels, plastic or metal.


Today the growing demand for specialist labels to be produced on a wide range of materials continues to rise. In virtually every industrial and business sector today there is a need for a label.

Whatever our customer’s requirement with our extensive experience in the production of labels for a wide range of applications we can produce them to specific requirement in different formats on a range of materials.

Through screen and digital printing, our advanced specialist labelling enables us to manufacture anodised aluminium labels, self-adhesive labels, printed labels or plastic labels using polycarbonate, polyester, PVC and acrylic.


In recent years we have seen a growing requirement to print on metal. As not all metal substrates are the same, with our technical expertise we work with our customers to their requirements in how the product will be used and in what type of environment so we utilise the right inks and the right printing techniques.

The metal substrates sent to us for printing are at times not raw metal; they feature coatings and treatments that affect how the metal will react with certain inks, therefore we understand and can support our customer in understanding how well inks printed on the metal will resist scratching and fading.

We also print onto plastic mouldings, which obviously come in many shapes, some simple some complex, with curved outlines and textured finishes. However through the versatility of screen printing we can help with the most challenging of application in creating the right end product.


An additional service IPS provides is the manufacture of gaskets and insulators commonly used in the food manufacturing industry and other sectors where insulators and shields are used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic parts as protection from voltage, EMI/RFD and flame resistance.

We can produce gaskets and seals out of material supplied direct by our customer or can source to your requirement to then cut to precise tolerances for your specific application.

Whatever your application do speak to us first as we can help guide you on processes, materials, adhesives and finishes to ensure your product can do what you want it to do. Plus if you want low volume quality or are just looking for samples then no problem.

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