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Materials in design & prototyping

Fast injection moulding service adds Critical to Quality inspection with no delays

One of the world’s fastest digital manufacturers has launched a Critical to Quality (CTQ) inspection service for its on-demand injection moulding, whilst maintaining its rapid dispatch times... more

Biomimetics hold the key to the future of multiuse plastics

Travelling up to 360 kilometres an hour, the Shinkansen is among the world’s fastest trains. However, its rapid speeds caused a problem. When travelling through tunnels, compressed air would create a ... more

Alvant forges partnership with 3M to advance metal matrix composite technology for real world applications

Alvant, a leading specialist in the manufacture of aluminium matrix composites (AMC) materials, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a view to furthering a strategic partnership with ... more

Design for manufacturing

Design for manufacturing (DFM) as the definition suggests, makes the parts manufacturable. It is a process of high importance in many manufacturing industries, including plastic injection molding. ... more

Photochemical Etching: Three reasons to trust it for your next metal component prototype

Most design engineers trust 'traditional' sheet metal machining processes. However, for many industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and healthcare, challenges can arise during the ... more

Fynotej announce two new automotive OEM contracts using EconCore’s honeycomb core technology

RS Components launches an extensive range of circuit protection and EMI design kits from Würth Elektronik

EconCore’s thermoplastic, honeycomb technology is now being introduced into two of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers by non-woven specialists, Fynotej. The Mexican company have secured ... more
RS Components (RS) now offers a wide range of design kits created by Würth Elektronik for engineers to use during prototype development. The kits include a selection of EMC components, making a ... more

Altair introduces a comprehensive Material Database for Simulation

Altair has announced the launch of the Altair Material Data Center, a comprehensive and high-fidelity material database for simulation. The Altair Material Data Center includes accurate data and data ... more

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