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Rotronic supports global petition 40t60RH to help reduce respiratory infections

Using scientific findings as a basis, a global petition asks the World Health Organization (WHO) to prescribe a humidity level of 40-60 %RH to reduce respiratory infections. Rotronic supports this ... more

Essentra Components supports VentilatorChallengeUK and Penlon fighting Covid-19

Essentra Components, a global manufacturer and supplier of essential components, is delighted to announce its support of the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium in the race to produce 10,000 ventilators ... more

Why STEM education is critically important, now and always

Overflowing with opportunity and potential, STEM is in no way a restrictive field to be in; it is packed completely with innovation and creativity, so much so that they are its pillar. The US ... more

Sensirion starts building new production site in Debrecen, Hungary

Due to positive business trends and the increasing demand for its existing and new sensors, Sensirion is expanding its production capabilities by establishing a production site in Debrecen, Hungary. ... more

Emerson announces winners of 13th International Pneumobile Competition

Emerson has announced the winners of the 13th annual International AVENTICS Pneumobile Competition. The vehicle designs, which are based on Emerson´s pneumatic components, programmable logic ... more

Manufacturing and the low touch economy

Four products every engineering student needs

With the 4th July earmarked as the big day England begins to step forward into a new version of normal life, the question of workplaces is brought to the foreground. Processes of old cannot simply be ... more
The field of engineering is drawing the attention of many students. The field is not just growing in scope due to the inclusion of new technologies, but it’s also growing in numbers thanks to the ... more

The World & Pandemics: How 2020 is disrupting Manufacturing

2020 is a new decade and an exciting prospect for industries across the world, with vast advancements in technology leading up to it in the previous decade. Artificial intelligence became reality ... more

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