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New ifm level switches are maintenance free and simple to use

Since they have no moving parts, the new LI151x-series capacitive level switches from ifm electronic need no maintenance and are an ideal replacement for conventional float-type level switches that ... more

Background suppression photoelectric sensors suit food processing

In the food processing industry, shingling, or overlapped layering, is a common technique for optimising space utilisation during secondary packaging operations. Confectionery, sealed in gusseted ... more

Contrinex opens virtual sensors showroom

With 8,811 products but, in the current pandemic climate, unable to make any customer visits, Contrinex has opened a virtual showroom for its sensors. Here, visitors will be able to browse Inductive, ... more

Pay as you sense

Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects. The current phase of the economic cycle, ... more

Contrinex inductives help bridge construction

Modern road bridges are typically constructed using mobile cranes to lift prefabricated bridge beam onto support columns. Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder jacks support the ends of each bridge section ... more

Sensirion supports Swiss schools with free CO2 monitoring sensors

New incremental shaft encoders can be used in wet environments

Sensirion, the Swiss high-tech company and global expert in environmental sensing, is delighted to announce that its internally developed CO2 monitoring system will be installed for free in 2,500 ... more
With an IP67 ingress protection rating, the new Rx3000-series incremental shaft encoders from ifm electronic can be used even in the wet environments that are often encountered in the process, ... more

Precision Acoustics joins forces to create ultrasonic sensors for nuclear and high radiation environments

Precision Acoustics has recently completed a project, the Development Of Radiation Resilient Ultrasonic Sensors project (ReDRESS), with a consortium of industry and academic partners to develop a ... more

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