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Springs & shock absorbers

Eliminating chatter through vibration analysis

Vibration is all around us. In fact, to the untrained ear, vibration might seem to be part and parcel of the manufacturing environment. To some extent, that’s true – vibration is a common by-product ... more

Springing into action saves the day for automotive tier one

William Hughes has come to the aid of a leading automotive tier-one seat manufacturer; a rescue mission that was only made possible by the company’s broad set of skills and advanced capabilities in ... more

REDUX Wave Springs functionality in small spaces from Lee Spring

REDUX wave springs from Lee Spring are suitable for use in space critical applications where they are designed to replace conventional round wire compression springs when required... more

SPIROL adds disc springs to its eCommerce platform

Disc Springs have recently been added to Spirol’s eCommerce platform, While all of SPIROL’s engineered components will eventually be available for purchase through, ... more

Constant force – constant load – constant performance from Lee Spring

Ex-stock constant force springs from Lee Spring offer a flat force curve over most of their extension range – it is this major “table-top mountain” shape of force curve which ensures their value for ... more

Lee Spring employees spring to action in COVID-19 fight

High Pressure, small package - Lee Spring has the solution in stock

As COVID-19 impacts countries around the world, frontline workers have been crucial during this fight. Lee Spring is playing an active role globally in the manufacturing of critical components and ... more
Lee Spring is aware that certain mechanisms call for a big power to diameter ratio - small devices requiring firm, but not rigid, slender springs, such as in switches, ball plungers, safety relief ... more

New insert retained option for Hi-Bar safety screens

The established range of Hi-Bar safety screens available from miniature component specialist, The Lee Company, now includes an insert retained option for high pressure applications. The new Hi-Bar ... more

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