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Testing systems for electric vehicle components

The automotive industry is facing new challenges when testing drive converters and components for electric vehicles. This is because components must be tested as part of a driving cycle (e.g. NEDC, ... more

Tektronix delivers automated USB Type-C compliance and debugging solutions

To meet consumer demand for ever faster data downloads, from live streaming videos to global videoconferences, Tektronix has announced three new testing solutions to help drive the future of data ... more

Rohde & Schwarz announces new IEEE 802.3ch MultiGBASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet standard compliance test solution

Most of the requirements for higher data rates stem from sensors like cameras around the car, 5G Telematic units (TCUs) and networking backbones for multiple domain controllers. MultiGBASE-T1 ... more

New current sensor element and firmware upgrade for award-winning Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

Yokogawa has launched a new Current Sensor Element and upgraded the firmware for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer. The enhancements are designed to help companies improve performance when ... more

Anritsu’s MT8000A and MediaTek M80 5G Modem achieve over 7Gbps downlink throughput with FR1+FR2 dual connectivity

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that its Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A successfully achieved a downlink (DL) throughput over 7 Gbps using FR1+FR2 Dual Connectivity (DC) ... more

Coventry University chooses Tektronix Entry Scope, Keithley Instruments and TekScope for Teaching Laboratory

Joule 20 test socket provides first-class performance for peripheral IC test

Coventry University students will be able to enjoy a newly-built state-of the art Electrical and Electronic Engineering laboratory (in the Beatrice Shilling Building, named after the British female ... more
Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of innovative solutions for critical semiconductor test applications, has announced the introduction of its Joule 20 test socket for Peripheral IC Test. Joule ... more

Improve test & measurement safety and efficiency by matching thermal imaging-enabled devices with the appropriate CAT rating

When you think of test and measurement tools, you are most likely not thinking about thermal imaging. You might first think of traditional tools like non-contact voltage detectors, multi meters, ... more

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