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BIOprinter: the ‘ultimate bio research instrument’

FELIXprinters has launched the BIOprinter, which it explains is designed to be the ultimate bio research instrument. According to the company, the global 3D bioprinting market – currently valued at ... more

Inverter drive helps speed up the drilling process

With Tool Drives’ modern high-speed drilling units, it takes just 17 seconds to drill 100 holes 6mm in diameter and depth in a coated composite wood panel, with the greatest precision. During this ... more
Drives & motors

Safety light grids feature T-muting option

ifm electronic’s latest OY510 series of safety light grids have an integrated T-muting option for use in applications where the safety function must be temporarily suspended. This is typically to ... more
Machine design & safety

Making IIoT and Smart Technology happen

Applying new technology to a physical process or manufacturing system is an essential part of progress, however the practical side of implementing the latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and ... more
Design & prototyping

Mass air flow sensors for medical ventilators

Posifa Technologies today confirmed that it is continuing to ship production quantities of its mass air flow sensors, which are a key component for ventilators and other medical equipment. The ... more

Coalition to produce face shields leveraging 3D printers now numbers more than 150

National Coronavirus ventilation support program: ITW ROCOL offers ventilation specific lubricants and fluid solutions

A coalition of companies and universities assembled by Stratasys to produce face shields leveraging 3D printers now numbers more than 150. The list includes such companies as Boeing, Toyota Motor ... more

LED Light Guide for product and panel building

Essentra Components have seen that, for approximately the last three decades, LEDs have taken over from incandescents in electronic equipment, higher power electrical applications and most recently ... more
Design & prototyping

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