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Digital engineering technologies expand the boundaries for business

Digital engineering technologies are enabling manufacturers to radically enhance their design approaches and their commercial offer. Andrew Borland, industrial engagement manager with the Virtual ... more

Virtual twin experiences of the human body to open up new possibilities for life sciences and healthcare

Dassault Systèmes has unveiled its strategic direction for the coming years, focused on transforming how people are cured and helping them live a better life by making the virtual twin experience of ... more

Keeping human error to a minimum in engineering and construction

Human error cannot be completely eradicated from a workplace. However, it's vital that it is managed and reduced, as human error can cause serious damage. In the construction and engineering sector, ... more

Building sustainability into a process

When you are selling a fuel that has claims of being more environmentally friendly than direct alternatives, burns cleaner and is made from genuinely sustainable material, then the processes you use ... more

Mitsubishi Electric’s SafePlus option helps to turn hundreds of industrial robots into co-operative solutions

Collaborative and co-operative robotic solutions that work together with humans are on the rise, as they can support operators on the factory floor and enhance their output. Mitsubishi Electric has ... more

RGU researchers design prototype to reduce household carbon emissions

Smoothing the path to an automated future

A group of researchers at Robert Gordon University (RGU) have partnered with Sustainable Urban Energy to investigate the potential of a turbine system the size of a satellite dish that can reduce ... more
In today’s competitive world economy it is essential that manufacturers are able to maintain the highest levels of productivity and quality. These factors continue to drive the growth of automation ... more

Unleash creativity, speed and design accuracy with desktop 3D printers

It is now possible to print high quality and accurate prototypes at low cost using desktop 3D printers – and even stack them to create an extensive 3D printer network, as Chris Elsworthy, MD and lead ... more

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