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Nexperia establishes new Application Specific FET category to deliver optimised performance

Nexperia, the expert in essential semiconductors, has responded to industry’s demands to maximize performance by defining a new MOSFET product group. Application Specific FETs (ASFETs) feature ... more

Antenova adds 5G SMD design to its array of 5G antennas

Antenova, the UK manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for the Internet of Things and M2M applications, has added a high performing 5G SMD design to its array of 5G antennas... more

Disruptive Bizen transistor technology delivers QJT power transistors with WBG-like performance on standard silicon substrates

Bizen, the new disruptive wafer process technology, has been verified by physical wafer results and calibration to deliver the same voltage levels, switching speeds and power handling performance of ... more

SEGGER J-Link adds support for Raspberry Pi as host

SEGGER has just introduced a version of its J-Link software specifically for Linux Arm. Aimed at industrial automation and other applications utilizing Raspberry Pi and other single board computing ... more

Ultra-compact IoT solution for Edge Computing and automation

With the new EN01 series, the Mini-PC pioneer, Shuttle is now entering the wide field of ‘Edge Computing’. The new product range is aimed at applications in the industrial sector and is noted for its ... more

Analog Devices announces complete audio system leveraging A2B Audio Bus Technology

HARTING RJ Industrial MultiFeature series now even easier to assemble

Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced a full audio system that features the SHARC Audio Module (SAM) for the creation of digital audio devices, including audio FX processors, multi-channel audio ... more
HARTING is delighted to present the RJ Industrial MultiFeature series, an RJ industrial interface which is now significantly easier to assemble in the field as it no longer requires a separate tool... more

StoreDot demonstrates five-minute charge of a commercial drone, making continuous & fully-autonomous drone delivery a reality

Twelve months ago, ultra-fast charging (UFC) pioneer, StoreDot, achieved a world first with its partner BP by successfully fully-charging a two-wheeled electric vehicle in just five minutes ... more

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