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Materials in design & prototyping

1TcA launches British-made sustainable, recyclable and reusable face masks and snoods enhanced by HeiQ Viroblock technology

Reusable, sustainable and recyclable face masks and snoods manufactured using GRS fabric woven from recycled waste plastic and treated with HeiQ Viroblock technology have been developed. 1TcA ... more

Switching from aluminum to zinc alloys could greatly improve longevity and sustainability of automotive parts

A new study reveals that switching from aluminum to zinc alloys in the production of automotive parts could greatly enhance their longevity and sustainability. The study conducted by Cranfield ... more

Materials market in lockdown: Webinar outlines the search trends and new opportunities for the materials market

COVID-19 has disrupted many sectors, including the materials industry. Since the new year began, the demand for engineering materials, such as steel, aluminium, copper and polymers, has drastically ... more

Ramping up ventilator production

Operational consultancy Newton Europe and product data management (PDM) specialist Quick Release have joined forces to support the Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium in the national response to COVID-... more

Vision system delivers production gains for automotive cells

LED Light Guide for product and panel building

A machine vision innovation for automotive robotic cells from SICK has dramatically reduced the production time and costs associated with body positioning on car production lines. The SICK BPS5400 ... more
Essentra Components have seen that, for approximately the last three decades, LEDs have taken over from incandescents in electronic equipment, higher power electrical applications and most recently ... more

New plasma process delivers superior surface treatment of titanium and polymer implants

Today, the materials used to create artificial implants include surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloys and cobalt-chromium. Often the materials utilized to meet specific strength ... more

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