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The futureproof PLC

Published: 12 August 2020 - Rachael Morling

Mitsubishi Electric’s FX5UC Premium Micro PLC fits highly sophisticated data processing and communication capabilities into an exceptionally small footprint. This diminutive powerhouse of a machine controller is therefore ideal for cutting-edge Smart Factory applications and conforms to the drive for lighter-weight, more space-efficient equipment.

The interconnected factory of the future requires automation products that can perform increasingly advanced functions while fitting into smaller spaces. The design of the latest MELSEC iQ-F series FX5UC PLC helps machine builders and manufacturers by addressing precisely these needs.
The solution offers one of the most powerful CPUs currently available in an enclosure volume that is a quarter the size of a conventional unit - the smallest model in the range measures just 42.1mm W x 90mm H x 89.1mm D. This combination allows businesses to benefit from extremely fast machine responses, even for demanding positioning and advanced motion control applications which increases productivity - whilst also minimising equipment footprint.
Other design elements contributing to the space saving rationale include incorporating secure push-fit terminals with built-in relay and transistor outputs, which eliminate the need to install additional space-consuming terminal blocks. The FX5UC’s comprehensive range of integrated functions minimises other external hardware and equipment required, reducing capital expenditure and operating expenses.
Built-in tools to prevent data theft or tampering, such as security key authentication are another example. Features such as multi-vendor networking capabilities also add to its flexibility, allowing users to develop the cutting-edge, integrated automated systems that characterise Industry 4.0 applications.
All the features of FX5UC contribute to the creation of an ideal solution for a broad range of applications, from cost sensitive small machines to larger, networked multi-PLC systems. Ultimately, the latest FX5UC acts as a key enabler for the interconnected, smart factory of the future.
Industry Connections: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

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