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Curtiss-Wright introduces electronic twist throttle

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has today announced the launch of the WM-D10, an electronic twist throttle solution that is ideal for motorcycle applications.

In 1904, Curtiss-Wright’s ... more

Mechanical components

Microchip Teams Up with To Give Away 100 AVR-IoT WG Development boards, the online electronics maker community, today announced a project-based competition for hobbyists with 100 Microchip AVR-IoT WG Development boards ( more

Techsil launches a water clear 5 min epoxy for bonding composite substrates

Techsil have developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that cures fast and provides a strong, tough and durable bond on carbon fibre composite parts.

Techsil’s Application Engineer ... more


Custom Wire Forms, a standard custom offer by Lee Spring

Wire forms typically are parts made from wire that is bent to have specific angles and lengths. They are well known as simple, quick to install and low cost as permanent but easily removable devices. ... more

FPT industrial launches its tier 4 final power generation engines at power-gen in Orlando

FPT Industrial is launching its Tier 4 Final power generation engines for the North American market at the Power-Gen International exhibition, in Orlando (FL), United States (December 4th to 6th, ... more

eCOUNT strengthens its presence in the UK

eCOUNT embedded, a German manufacturer of cloud connected embedded computing building blocks, and Diamond Point International (DPI) have signed an official distribution partnership. Under the terms ... more

Curtiss-wright introduces electronic twist throttle

Leveraging historic know-how into modern solutions

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has today announced the launch of the WM-D10, an electronic twist throttle solution that is ideal for ... more


Emerson’s New Ultrasonic Welding Platform Meets Challenges of Critical Small Plastic Part Assembly

IIoT-enabled Branson GSX Platform provides precise control for faster, repeatable, high quality welding of intricate components.

Emerson has launched a new generation of ultrasonic welders that ... more


Distance sensors combine outstanding precision, speed & flexibility

The development of increasingly sophisticated automation systems is one of the main drivers for distance measurement sensors to combine features and functions such as high-accuracy, high speed and ... more

SMC’s latest centring unit helps to save space and air

The MACM is a new centring unit from SMC that helps to align and position heavy workpieces on the move, so manufacturers can install and operate more compact conveyor lines.

Manufacturers seeking ... more


Nicomatic-sponsored WARR Hyperloop team wins SpaceX Hyperloop challenge by going 50% faster

Lightweight, compact and rugged connectors contribute to University of Munich team’s success.

Nicomatic, the leading manufacturer of high-performance interconnect solutions, is delighted to ... more


ICEE cuts plastic and metal ‘Tommy Soldier’ profiles using powerful, accurate waterjet

Using its powerful and accurate waterjet equipment, manufacturing subcontractor ICEE Managed Services is cutting a range of commemorative World War 1 ‘Tommy Soldier’ profiles and outlines from ... more

SMC merges its digital pressure switch range under the same design

SMC is building on the success of its ZSE20(F)/ISE20 pressure switch range that features 3-screen display, 3-step setting mode and selectable delay time function, with the ZSE20(F)#/ISE20# (A, B and ... more

New inductive proximity switches sense all metals at same range

Kplus is the name given by leading sensor manufacturer ifm electronic to their latest range of inductive proximity sensors. The main feature of these is their reliable detection: long sensing range ... more

IO-Link for CA18CA and CA30CA Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi have launched their CA18CA and CA30CA TRIPLESHIELDTM capacitive sensor range complete with integrated IO-Link communication, placing Carlo Gavazzi right at the heart of Industry 4.0.

... more


Reliable connection for cooling water circuits

The right choice of materials prevents corrosion damage from cooling water.

Corrosion damage through aggressive media is a common problem. A seemingly harmless liquid such as cooling water can have ... more


Micro dispensing with xQR41V Needle Valve

The valve features a 60% smaller form factor than standard valves, an exchangeable, modular design for greater customization and process control, and a patent-pending Quick Release (QR) clasp to ... more

Plug&Play Industrial IoT kit to monitor machine conditions

Bosch and HARTING have pooled their expertise to produce a Plug&Play IoT kit for industrial applications, with IP54 protection. It quickly and easily allows digital condition monitoring for any ... more
Machine design & safety

How the pyramids can help modern engineers

Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only one remains to this day. The Temple of Artemis was destroyed for the final time back in 401 AD; the Statue of Zeus at Olympia was taken by fire; the ... more
Design & prototyping

Honeywell Air Pressure Sensors Deployed in High-Precision Measurement Systems by Research Technology Company

TruStability series deployed by Surrey Sensors Ltd for testing Formula 1 and unmanned aerial vehicle applications

Honeywell supplied its TruStability RSC Series and HSC Series Digital Board Mount ... more


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