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Lenze live webcast on energy efficiency and the Ecodesign Directive

If you're going to make the switch, make it right. As the new Ecodesign Directive comes into force throughout Europe in the summer of 2021, the energy efficiency of standard asynchronous motors, in ... more


Capnometer could help NHS quickly detect which Covid-19 patients need a ventilator

Leading new product design and development company Wideblue, based in Glasgow, is accelerating production of a ... more


Essentra Components guide to spiral cable wrap – how to bundle cables and hoses

Spiral wrap, spiral cable wrap, spiral wire wrap or spiral wrap tubing – whatever you call it, Essentra Components new guide gives the what, why, where and when of this ubiquitous item.

Accessible ... more


HARTING launch series of webinars to showcase new technologies

With exhibitions postponed for the foreseeable future, HARTING have organised a series of webinars to enable us to deliver our latest innovations to you. During the HARTING Experts Camp, our ... more

Industrial Point of Load Power taken to a new level with 500W Waterproof ZeroCabinet from PULS Power

Flexible, Reliable, Durable, Decentralised Power Supplies

The revolutionary ZeroCabinet from PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, meets the growing ... more


Navimec TACT switches from Foremost provide joystick functionality

Foremost Electronics has been the primary source for MEC switches in the UK for over 25 years and has the largest stock profile of options and parts available for fast delivery, the company explains... more
Technology File

Nationwide lockdown had “devastating effect” on UK engine production

UK engine output declined by 99.5% in April, with just 830 engines produced – down from 178,022. Production for domestic and overseas markets was down -99.9% and -99.4% respectively. There were, ... more

UK car manufacturers turn to medical equipment as car production falls 99.7%

UK car production fell to its lowest level since the Second World War in April, down -99.7%, according to figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). As the ... more

ifm develops door handle adaptor that reduces the risk of virus transmission

To help with the worldwide efforts to bring the Covid-19 coronavirus under control, ifm electronic has used the skills and expertise of its development team – which usually works on the company’s ... more

Physicists measure short-lived radioactive molecules for the first time

An international team of experimentalists and theorists working at CERN’s nuclear-physics facility ISOLDE have succeeded in performing the first ever laser-spectroscopy measurements of a short-lived ... more

Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers from Nexperia combine cutting-edge high efficiency, thermal stability and space-savings

Nexperia, the expert in essential semiconductors, has announced a range of new silicon germanium (SiGe) rectifiers with 120 V, 150 V, and 200 V reverse voltages that combine the high efficiency of ... more
Electrical & electronics

Materials market in lockdown: Webinar outlines the search trends and new opportunities for the materials market

COVID-19 has disrupted many sectors, including the materials industry. Since the new year began, the demand for engineering materials, such as steel, aluminium, copper and polymers, has drastically ... more
Design & prototyping

Smiths Interconnect to design, manufacture and supply bespoke connectors for NASA’s Orion spacecraft and Lunar Gateway

Smiths Interconnect is celebrating a significant contract win with Boeing, where the company’s docking umbilical connectors will be used to transfer power, signal and communications to different ... more

Institution of Mechanical Engineers appoints new president

Terry Spall CEng FIMechE has assumed office as the 135th President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Spall, who has been a member of the Institution since 1984, is a long-standing ... more

Creating a standard light source for improved temperature measurements on gas turbines

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), in collaboration with Sensor Coating Systems (SCS), have successfully developed a standard light source (SLS) for verification of a temperature ... more

Using artificial intelligence to detect COVID-19 in X-rays

Students at Cranfield University have designed computer models that can identify COVID-19 in X-rays. The models use computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse chest X-ray imagery. ... more

NKE bearings for electrical motors and generators – low noise, high reliability and high speed capabilities

Electric motors are the driving force behind most industries. Bearings for electric motors are required to operate with low noise, high reliability and high speed capabilities. To reduce the risk of ... more
Mechanical components

Modular mounting systems from Ruland

Ruland pre-designed modular mounting systems are a kit of components that fit together to mount conveyor rails, sensors, screens, cameras, and other industrial components in a variety of applications.... more
Technology File

Chokes from SMP for medical technology applications: low-noise, low-loss

SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus GmbH & Co KG (SMP), German manufacturer of soft-magnetic materials and inductive components, offers chokes for medical technology applications. These inductive ... more
Technology File

FLIR launches VP50-2 Non-Contact Voltage Detector for commercial, residential, and industrial electrical applications

The rugged, triple alarm FLIR VP50-2 features light, vibration, and sound feedback alarms to reliably detect voltage when testing electrical installations more

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