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Another addition to the Jellypipe 3D printing ecosystem

Published: 10 December 2020 - Rachael Morling

Jellypipe - the international 3D printing on-line ecosystem - has today announced another UK addition to its platform, Incremental Engineering.

Jellypipe has just extended its reach from continental Europe into the United Kingdom and Ireland, a market that is obviously advanced in its use of 3D printing / additive manufacturing in pan-industrial prototyping and production applications. Momentum is really now beginning to build as the profile of Jellypipe has increased in the U.K. since its introduction a couple of months ago.
Incremental Engineering produces production quality nylon parts using the Hewlett Packard Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, and specialises in working with SMEs and fitting its 3D printing services into existing traditional supply chains.  
Jerry Sutton, technical director at Incremental says, “As a 3D printing service provider, we work more as a traditional machine shop instead of relying purely on an on-line ordering system. We work collaboratively where we can, gathering as much information from our customers as possible in order to setup and fine tune builds for specific applications, and thereby providing consistently good and reliable results. The sweet spot applications for us are those that replace short run injection moulded and machined parts.  Typically we are working with SMEs who are looking to add the benefits of 3D printing into their workflow, looking at it as a complimentary technology for rapid prototyping or production of finished end-use parts using Nylon PA12.”
Incremental Engineering’s service opens up all the advantages of 3D printing for its customers and now also users of the Jellypipe platform. 3D printing requires no expensive and time-consuming tool fabrication, and set up costs are minimal. In addition, changes and design iterations are simple and don’t require new or adapted hard tooling, and all of this means that delivery times are substantially shorter than when using traditional manufacturing processes, in the order of days instead of weeks. 3D printing famously also has no minimum order quantity (meaning lower stock holding), and the manufacture of parts on demand means that they can be made more quickly to order from a digital inventory.
Sutton continues, “For me the inherent advantages of 3D printing are compelling, but perhaps of most importance is the fact that the technology is not confined by geometric complexity, and as such can promote innovation in product design. And it is innovation that excites me and also attracted me to the Jellypipe on-line 3D printing ecosystem. The operating premise seems fresh and certainly new to the UK. It is also simple, which is key. Layering in experts to the ordering process will mean that the technology is applied correctly and will increase the likelihood that new entrants into ordering of 3D printed / additive parts will have greater success and recognise the benefits from adoption.  This is how we operate as a company. We would rather turn down an order if the outcome is not realistic or coach the designer through to a successful resolution.  We believe this to be crucial to the mass adoption of additive manufacturing in general industry, and Jellypipe will certainly be an important part of this process. In addition I like working with the Swiss as they are organised!” 
Jellypipe aims to democratise the use of 3D printing and make it as simple as possible for a growing range of users to engage. The principal behind the platform is very simple, but is made possible by some extremely complex and intricate software which is the engine that makes using the platform so intuitive and rewarding commercially for all parts of the 3D printing ecosystem. 
Users of Jellypipe can easily access a huge resource of knowledge, advice, and consultation to ensure that the correct materials, 3D printing technology, and finishing is selected, and then receive quotes from the most extensive network of 3D printing service providers based on speed of delivery or lowest cost, which now includes the expertise and knowledge of Incremental Engineering.

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