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Bearings, seals & gaskets

Fit and forget these bearings - for months or even years

There is one less thing for hydro engineers to worry about when designing dams. This is if they choose Vesconite Hilube speciality polymer bearings - which can be fitted and forgotten about for ... more

Bearing obsolescence management

While the origin of the first bearing is unknown, Ancient Egyptian drawings depict tree trunks under sleds with liquid-lubricated runners used to move massive stone blocks. While not as old as ... more

Bearings with black oxide finish increase performance in critical applications

Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH offers bearings with black oxide finish. The protective layer improves run-in and wear characteristics and protects against environmental effects. Especially in ... more

HQW Precision and The Barden Corporation celebrate first anniversary as Partners in Precision

Super precision bearing specialist, The Barden Corporation is celebrating the first year anniversary of the company’s acquisition by precision bearing manufacturer, HQW Precision GmbH. The past year ... more

NKE bearings for electrical motors and generators – low noise, high reliability and high speed capabilities

Electric motors are the driving force behind most industries. Bearings for electric motors are required to operate with low noise, high reliability and high speed capabilities. To reduce the risk of ... more

Eliminate overspending on maintenance

Production of large bearings at NKE: Steyr plant reaches record utilised capacity in Q1

Reducing downtime may be at the top of your wish-list when opting for a Predictive Maintenance regime, but there are other big rewards on offer. Don’t overlook the potential benefit of eliminating ... more
NKE Austria GmbH reports record capacity utilisation at its Steyr plant: more than 1000 large bearings were in production in the first quarter of 2020. Based in the Austrian city of Steyr, the ... more

Retaining the edge

In mathematics, Pascal’s triangle is an arrangement constructed by summing adjacent elements in preceding rows. It has applications in algebra, probability and is a useful model for calculating ... more

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