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BLOODHOUND project could 'inspire millions of children to become engineers'

Published: 23 May 2013 - Rachael Morling

According to Richard Noble OBE, smashing the land speed record next year can convince people of the benefits of risk-taking and inspire a generation.

In a keynote speech to almost 200 global risk professionals at the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Forum in Ashford, Kent, Noble said that the anticipated success of the BLOODHOUND supersonic car project would demonstrate the importance of risk-taking and inspire millions of children to become engineers.

“We've created a country which is totally risk averse and going nowhere at the moment,” he said, adding: '”This country has lost confidence. People don't think we can do these sorts of things any more.”

He went on to tell the audience that “the City [of London] would never invest in such a high-risk project” and that funding had come from a raft of sponsors instead.

Noble said that the UK was suffering from a huge decline in engineers and IT professionals but that projects such as BLOODHOUND had the potential to stimulate the interest of millions of schoolchildren. “They're going to be studying this [project] for years after. It's going to have a huge effect,” he added.

Closing the second day of IRM’s Forum, which examined the relationship between risk management, reputation and brand, Noble also revealed that the BLOODHOUND project would be the last time he is involved in a land speed record attempt.


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